Seeing isn’t Believing Believing is Seeing

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Is it possible to believe to see? I’m sure if you’re like me you’ve probably heard the saying “seeing is believing”. It’s something we are taught by parents, schoolteachers and peers as a child. From infancy you’ve been victim to cultured programming which has determined what you believe or disbelieve is possible. This limiting mind set, creates a self-perpetuating cycle which is difficult to break.

For example, I remember growing up as a rebellious teenager one of my favourite songs was “Circumstances make me what I am” by Buju Banton. Growing up as a poor black child in an urban city I attributed all the misfortunes I had to my race and social standing, the poor black kid. It was what all my friends believed, it’s what my parents attributed as the cause of their lack of wealth. All I could see was poverty and lack and because at the time I only believed in what I could see, I couldn’t “see” no way to change, no way to break this seIf-perpetuating cycle. But what would have happened if I could have “believed” my way out of my poverty when I was young teenager?

Our False Way of Thinking

The Greek philosopher Aristotle is credited with creating the foundation of our familiar classical logic. Did you know before Aristotle people believed anything in the past that is true, also has to be true today. Aristotle introduced the western world to the idea that things are neither true nor false until they can be verified by actual occurrence (objectified). You must first see it to believe it!

The idea that we have to wait until something happens before we can verify it as true or false is the basis of logical outcomes, which states that things can be either ‘A’ or ‘B’ but not ‘A’ and ‘B’ at the same time.

Consider the words of Neville Goddard, the famous mystic states:

“All things exist, all things in eternity exist in your human imagination and they exist now.”

So, it’s clear to see the conflict of logical thinking and spiritual thought. We can see clearly the early initiates and mystics viewpoint is that ‘A’ and ‘B’ exist simultaneously.

Seeing is believin

Now, back to the science lesson. In the first scientific revolution Aristotle and his peers were able to verify their new concepts through experiments and it was then spread throughout western society. This paradigm permeated into our culture and became part of societies belief system.

However, in the late 1800’s this paradigm was shattered. The Mickelson and Morley experiment gave birth to a new scientific revolution “Quantum Physics”. Up until then classical Physics including the philosophies of Aristotle were considered law and the leading scientist of the day had unreserved faith in their principle. Without delving into the experiment and circumstances surrounding it, (check out our articles on quantum physics if you want to learn more) nevertheless it’s safe to say Classical physics had failed and the entire scientific community in 1887 as a result had

to go back to the drawing board. Science as a whole had to uncover a new way to define how our universe works!

The Real Truth Finally Revealed

From the late 19th century until today quantum physics has not only resolved most of the mysteries of our universe but has continuously shown itself to be the most accurate and reliable science ever. Untapping atomic power, innovations such as the smart phone, the internet, aviation and space travel just to name a few all owe their creation and advances to quantum science.

One significant point to know about Quantum physics, is that it tells us that, all possibilities are present and inherent right now! Things are not either, A or B but in fact it’s A through to Z. It also states things do not have to appear through a linear sequence. We no longer have to wait for something to objectify to fully embrace all potential possibilities. We can through our imagination, our consciousness, focus upon any of the infinite possibilities which exist and through a trained persistent expectation materialize this into our experience. Simply speaking, this new scientific premise means we no longer have to see to believe. We can believe to see!

It’s clear to see how empowering this new paradigm would be. Just think what you could achieve if you could really apply this principle in your life. Just imagine that if you wanted anything in your life all you had to do is believe you already possess it and you will. There’s a scripture in the bible that states “When you pray believe that you have received, and you shall”. Suddenly this Biblical verse if interpreted from a metaphysical aspect has a whole new empowering meaning.

The earlier quote by Neville Goddard was based upon an eternal cosmic principle and now recent scientific advances are now supporting much of his teachings.

For so long, particularly western culture has been locked in the dogged, yet inaccurate belief that our outcomes will follow a logical sequence arising from events preceding them. So long the premise was, that one had to see things before they would accept them as real. All the time not realising that all possibilities are present and inherent right now, in this moment.

Our consciousness is continuously creating our experiences. By entering a “state” in imagination and more importantly believing that this subjective reality will materialize, it will. If you can truly accept this concept and have the faith as the biblical scripture instructs us we can transcend any current limitations we may find ourselves in. At the beginning of this Blog, I mentioned the old beliefs I held about my environment etc. For years I was locked in a state that mirrored my beliefs. Fortunately, later I was able to escape poverty, through my imagination and belief in a new subjective state.

Just as an additional thought. All ancient texts speak of faith as the key to manifesting anything we desire. They define faith as a belief in an unseen subjective reality. The word faith has its roots in the Latin word fidere, meaning “to trust”. It’s defined as “firm belief in something for which there in no proof.” We are constantly instructed that one must exercise faith to experience miracles. Well, isn’t it the same as believing to see? I can’t come to any other conclusion.

The Challenge to You

If you’ve read this much of this article, it’s safe to say, you’re at least a little intrigued in the notion that through thoughts, feelings and beliefs you can create your reality. Quantum physics has some striking parallels with metaphysics and cosmic laws. It’s why in this age of Aquarius I think it’s a really exciting time for the human race as a whole. There’s a mass awakening happening right now and when you apply this knowledge you can actually experience miracles for yourself and your loved ones.

Don't See to Believe Instead Believe to See!

However, your intellectual mind has a very strong hold after all it’s been in charge most of your life! In order to free yourself you’ll probably have to satisfy this mind that, this quantum science stuff is not just some new age quackery. So, if this is all new to you, I certainly encourage you to investigate further into this subject. To get a deeper insight we have quite a few more blogs on this topic also there a couple of books I highly recommend reading: “In Search of Schrondigers Cat” by John Gribben and “What the Bleep Do We Know?” by William Arntz are two excellent starters.

They’re not too “deep” but provide enough insight for a layman to get to grips with the ideas of quantum physics and its practical application. The more knowledge you acquire will in turn buttress your growing belief in cosmic laws and give you the confidence to actually apply them in your own life.


If ever in doubt, please remember: The most accurate science known to mankind Quantum Physics states that we the observer, consciousness, the (l AM) influence the material world through our beliefs and expectations. We are co-creators in our life experience. Science confirms “we can believe to see.”

The moment you took your first breath you were infused with the single greatest force in the universe — the power to translate the possibilities of your mind into the reality of your world. To fully awaken this latent power however requires a subtle yet profound change in the way you think of yourself in life, a shift in a concept of yourself.

Can you accept that, it’s not what you see you believe, but rather it’s what you believe you see. I challenge you to accept this new liberating concept and put it to the test. For once you make this change you will experience your greatest love, deepest healing and most profound miracles.

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