Think Like a Gamechanger And Experience Miracles

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Think Like a Gamechanger And Experience Miracles

Recently I’ve been watching the Gamechanger series on Netflix and it got me wondering exactly what type of mindset does one have to have to transcend the limits of their environment or circumstances? What does it take for one to make a major achievement in their life, overcome a seemingly insurmountable obstacle or actually accomplish miracles? To go against the grain to risk the potential of ridicule of their peers and blindly dedicate their life to a task that may have been impossible and succeed.

What sort of person does that take? What sort of person does it take to be a visionary and challenger of the status quo to take an idea that may not even be possible from their imagination and to not only execute it, but to change the course of human history with it? Gamechangers like Steve Jobs, Mark Zuckerberg and Elon Musk all have in common the same personality traits and if I could sum it up in one sentence it would be this: “unshakable self-belief’

“You do not have to limit the power of your belief to what your reasonable mind dictates. The choice and limitations are entirely up to you and all things exist in the human imagination” Neville Goddard.

If you learned about the life story of these gamechangers then you would discover how they actually changed the game, you’d learn a little bit about how they think and you would come away with a few nuggets of wisdom. The common thread in each of their life stories is this: a courageous and persistent belief in something subjective will eventually manifest into 3D reality. The I Phone, Facebook and the Tesla Car all first began in the consciousness of these respective individuals. It was through a cast iron belief in their imaginal creations that they were able to overcome every obstacle thrown in their path and literally change the world.

However, what relevance does that have and why should their testimonies be of any importance to you and me? Now, I’m certainly not saying that you need to aspire to be the next Elon Musk or Jim Bezos but if we can replicate the mindset of these game changers then surely, we can replicate the results and overcome the seemingly impossible obstacles in our own lives. In our own biography we can write a similar story of success against all odds of achieving miracles.

The Tale of The Two Sisters

There are two very distinct approaches to adversity in life that ultimately determine success or failure in life’s challenges. Most of us operate in one or the other end of the spectrum. I’m sure you’ve heard of the glass half empty, or half full analogy, well this is an extension of that concept. How many of each of these types of people exist really depends on your individual world view.

For sake of clarity in this article, I’ll personify these two mindsets as sisters: Sarah and Jane. Let’s first explore the mindset of Jane:

We’ve all met somebody like her before. Jane is the type of person who approaches life like a tourist. Life is about enjoying herself as much as possible. When she’s walking down the path of her life and there is a fork in the road and a boulder drops in front of her and is blocking the path she wants to go down, well it’s not immediately enjoyable to exert herself to climb over the boulder. It’s not fun to try to find a solution to the problem, so she meets adversity with resistance.

In the metaphor she resigns to failure and kind of shrugs her shoulders and walks down the other path saying to everyone, “well this obstacle was in my way, so I had to go down this path”. Jane is not a bad person, but she does live her life circumventing adversity and is a victim of circumstance. Things happen to her; she doesn’t make things happen. Her belief that she cannot overcome the obstacles means she lives life like a pinball bouncing from situation to situation.

Now let’s take a look at her sibling Sarah. Just like the gamechangers Steve Jobs or Elon Musk, Sarah, is the type of person that when the boulder drops down in front of her and is blocking her path she doesn’t see it as an annoying obstacle. To Sarah it’s an opportunity for growth. This is the type of person that embraces adversity. This is the type of person that can visualize a future where that boulder no longer exists. When you imagine and persist in the belief of an end goal, the thing believed in often reveals a path to its own expression. The end wills the means as to speak.

Surely, it’s the self-belief of the individual and the ability to visualize beyond the “giant boulder’ that enables this type of person to find a way to make it happen. It’s a mindset like Sarah’s that surely, we should aspire to have.

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Believe in Yourself and Other’s will Believe in You

It’s funny how we seem to attract the very same energy that we radiate. Never truer are the words of Neville Goddard when he said:

“The whole vast world is yourself pushed out”

Isn’t it true that when we are feeling positive and bursting with optimism we seem to have meaningful relationships with just about everybody in our life?

Self-confidence or the belief in “l AM fill in the blank is not just an inner state: it’s actually a projection on the outside, in your smile, your walk, your posture, your words, your actions and even your aura. When you are high in self-belief you carry that high-octane charismatic energy with you, and this draws positive attention and interest from others and keeps you in a cycle of success.

Believe in Yourself and Other’s will Believe in You

However, if we are self-doubting and unsure, the very opposite happens we carry self-critical energy that shows in our body language, speech and conduct. If we are low in self-belief our energy will tend to bring out the negative in others. If we look and act like a victim, then we will find it hard to make friends. When we are in this negative cycle we expect the worst from ourselves and others and so this is what we get! Remember the whole vast world is reflecting our state of being.

Gamechangers have a confidence and self-belief that borders on arrogance. Mavericks that didn’t give a hoot about the opinions of others they have unwavering confidence in themselves and their goals.

You Are the Architect of Your Own Life

I am going to lay it on the line, you can be a gamechanger in any aspect of your life if you so wish.

You can transcend those metaphorical boulders blocking the path to your most coveted desires and biggest aspirations by developing an iron clad belief in self. Finances, career, relationships you name it, it’s all possible but to do this you must take total, I mean total unreserved responsibility for the way you think, feel and act. You’re reading this post because you are ready to change and you know a cynical, negative, fearful or blaming approach will never bring you the confidence you seek. It will never cultivate the mindset of a game changer.

You Are the Architect of Your Own Life

I mean just think, if every time Steve Jobs faced the countless obstacles or rejections he had during the I phones development, he went around moaning feeling sorry for himself or blaming circumstances, what do you think would’ve happened? He had iron clad self-belief that enabled him to overcome every metaphorical boulder thrust in his path. The device was created in his imagination and through persistent belief in this “imaginary device” it became reality. We now have a world where a functional practical all in one device exists that most people could afford. Are miracles exclusive to a privilege few? Certainly not when we understand that it was a certain mindset and self-belief that made it possible and this mindset you too can develop.

Developing A Gamechanger Mindset

How do I develop this mindset you may ask? The mind is like a muscle and similarly like any other muscle, the biceps for example, if it’s not exercised it will grow weak and atrophy. A weakened muscle is ineffective and so it is with a weakened mind. You need to constantly train and develop a strong imagination and cultivate self-belief, as only through experience will your trust in yourself be fortified. Also learn as much as you can about your true self, the part of you beyond the ego. This is the part of you where your greatest potential lies. The Truecosmic Academy has tonnes of resources to help its members expand their consciousness and develop a mindset to match any of the world famous gamechangers mentioned in this post. I encourage you to go over there and make use of its immense library.

A life of happiness and abundance is your birth right you merely have to develop the same confidence those famous gamechangers have.

Believe in yourself and make miracles manifest in your life!


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