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It’s time to open your eyes and wake up from the Illusion. Welcome To The Real World in today’s article, we will discover the true reality of our existence. The Matrix Movie franchise is one of my favorites I’m a huge fan and last week I was watching the latest in the series “Matrix Revolution”. Here is the synopsis; Our hero Neo once again find himself asleep in a virtual world run by machines. This artificial experience seems so real that he is convinced, it’s his only reality, again.

Fast asleep in the illusion the occasional memory flashbacks that our protagonist has are suppressed with a prescription of sedatives and a weekly counseling session with a devious psychiatrist “the analyst”. The entire movie depicts his journey of re -awakening and remembering his true identity, not Neo Anderson but, The One. Along this journey, he rescues his love interest Trinity and reacquaints himself with his close friend Morpheus who was put back to sleep. He has to confront his nemesis Agent Smith and battle more machines.

The movie has great action sequences, but for me an aspiring Mystic the movie has far deeper meaning. The series is layered with esoteric wisdom and it has a cult following because I believe it appeals to a dormant part of our consciousness that we are:

“In the Sleep Of Adam”. It speaks an eternal truth that we are all asleep in a Matrix.  Readers welcome to the real world !

Is The Matrix Fact or Fiction?

I believe this idea of a matrix is more reality than fiction.  My assertion may seem pretty radical even farcical to some but before you dismiss me as a loony quack Id like to take just a few minutes of your time so that I can present my argument:

Reach down and touch the surface of a table that is nearby. You most likely believe that when you touch the top of the table, it’s a hard, solid physical object. True in one sense but according to quantum physics the most accurate science in human history, this is actually an illusion. Science tells us that the same table that seems so real is actually composed of a bunch of electrostatic charges that popped in and out of existence continually. The table is in fact is in a state of flux moving from wave to particle form, however this is happening so fast that it gives the “appearance” of being solid.

If you could learn to see the table from this quantum view point and if you could absolutely hold that desired state in your mind, you could put the fingers of your hand right through the table top. But don’t try to do this if you “see” the table as a hard, fixed structured object; you might break your hand. Don’t dismiss this claim as farfetched because later in this article I’ll not only explain how one can transcend the bounds of physical reality but I’ll also provide evidence of someone who done this is the past; a man who literally awoke in the matrix.

What’s The Point, What Does This All Mean to Me?

Now I’m not saying that you’ll be flying around like Neo in the movies but getting to a state of consciousness where miracles such as manipulating material objects is not only possible it’s been achieved before. Just think if you could transcend the current limitations of your own mind, how it could affect your life. Now I don’t mean walking around bending spoons or levitating, feats like that are great but I don’t think it would have any practical use to the regular man on the street.

No, I mean improving your health, wealth and relationships. What if through an expansion of consciousness, the limiting beliefs we once held about what we can achieve in our lives were miraculously transformed?

However, just like the hero Neo in the Matrix movies, to expand our consciousness requires that we constantly stretch and push the boundaries of our beliefs. When you are able to do so, your new state of awareness practically demands that you experience the world around you in a totally different way. Once the mind has stretched to encompass the reality of a new experience, it can never shrink back entirely into an old way of seeing things. Suddenly what was always there, but unperceived now appears obvious and just as real as anything else in your immediate environment. Ok, this all sounds great you might say, but what about the actual proof you promised. Well read on and we will get right to it.

Milrepa The Man Who Awoke in The Matrix

Let’s now explore the real-life story of someone who through an expanded consciousness was able to perform such feats as mentioned at the start of this article. A man who awoke in this matrix and could literally bend reality.

Our story starts way back in the 11th century C.E there lived the great Tibetan yogi Milarepa who began a personal retreat to master his mind and body. His spiritual journey was born out of personal tragedy when his entire family and friends were brutally murdered by locals from a rival village.

Over the following years he developed seemingly miraculous yogic abilities which he employed to seek revenge and retribution. Despite the many lives he took he could find no solace or reconciliation for his personal loss.

One day he came to the realization that he had misused the gift of his yogic and psychic abilities, so he went into seclusion to find healing through even greater self-mastery. The personal retreat would last until his death at 84.

Milrepa became a recluse, for many years he would live in a number of remote caves in the mountains of Tibet. As he had renounced contact with society his only diet was Nettle plants that grew in the arid Tibetan deserts. For years living in isolation with only the occasional contact with pilgrims who may have stumbled upon him, the reports of those who did see him described a terrible sight!

He looked like a ghost some said, gaunt with long unkempt hair he was like a walking skeleton. His once brown skin was now a dull green from the overdose of chlorophyll, no doubt due to his diet of nettles. It’s said despite his horrific physical appearance; his extreme self-imposed depravation and isolation did lead him to a goal of yogic mastery. Because before his death he left proof that he had “awoke in the matrix”. He performed a miracle that, even today scientist say should not be possible.

The Miracle In The Stone

In one of the caves where Milrepa lived he performed a feat that to this day skeptics have been unable to disprove. The story goes like this:

During his time in solitude in the cave he had a meeting with a student who asked Milerepa to perform a physical demonstration to buttress his own developing faith. It is said to prove his mastery over the elements, Milrepa placed his open hand against the caves wall at about shoulder level and then continued to push his hand farther into the rock in front of him, as if the wall did not exist!

When he did this, the stone beneath his palm became soft and malleable like clay. The result was to leave a deep impression of his hand for all to see. The student who tried the same thing, all he got was the frustration of an injured hand. Why did he student fail? He had not expanded his consciousness to a level where he “believed” this was possible. Milrepa on the other hand did.

To this day the palm impression in the cave has been left for all to see, and although it has become something of an urban legend, science had yet to provide a explanation as to how this was done.

What Are the Practical Benefits For You and Me?

As fascinating as this story is, it illustrates a far more profound lesson. This event demonstrates that we as individuals can elevate ourselves to a state of consciousness where miracles such as those performed by Milrepa are possible. However, it requires constant practice in stretching the boundaries of your belief. Regular exercising one’s imagination is the only way we can transcend the boundaries of our five senses.

Now I’m certainly not saying that you should at once abandon all your material possessions, renounce the world and relocate into some mountain retreat, dieting on nettles all day long! No, but you can begin now to stretch and push the boundaries of your own beliefs, as to what you believe you can accomplish in your own life. The ideal career, the new relationship, health issues etc. whatever it maybe. If your currently dissatisfied in any of these areas then start to look at the limiting beliefs you may be holding.  Whatever it maybe, what was once perceived as an insurmountable or impossible can be overcome.

Still not convinced then let’s look at the example of the Wright brothers. In case you never knew they were the two brothers that invented the airplane. Now at the time the general paradigm taught by all the scientist and so-called experts was that anything that wasn’t lighter than air could not fly. The very notion that a heavy object weighing tonnes could defy gravity and fly was considered impossible, these two mechanics decided to break with the status quo. They defied their current belief systems and pushed beyond. Their invention transformed the world as we know it and now jumping on a plane and flying across the world is now considered to be very normal. To a certain degree these two brothers had awoken in the matrix.

Thankfully the ancient mystics left us precise instructions how we can all awaken and expand our consciousness. The vehicle or tool that we use is our imagination. In modern days our imagination has normally been associated with day dreaming or fanciful thinking. But look at the Oxford dictionary Vs definition : 1. the part of the mind that imagines things 2. The ability to be creative or solve problems.

The famous mystic of the 50’s and 60’s Neville Goddard left a plethora of books and lectures with instructions on conscious imagining and its application. It’s through its application, it’s through an expansion of consciousness that we that we can find the solution to all life’s problems and challenges.

“You can’t solve a problem with the same level of consciousness that created it. ” Albert Einstein.

Want to find out more, then over at the academy you can access courses, textbooks, videos, and much more that can set you on a path of miracle creation. There a famous scene from the from the first matrix movie where Morpheus tells neo:

“l can only show you the door but you have to walk through.”

It’s important that this article doesn’t just entertain but hopefully stirs you to act, encourages you the follow the rabbit down the hole, because its only then you’ll discover what is real. Take the first step now!

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