How Visualization Can Help You Achieve Your Health Goals

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How Visualization Can Help You Achieve Your Health Goals

We all have the best intentions when it comes to staying healthy and fit. We make resolutions to lose weight, work out regularly, and make healthier eating choices.

But let’s face it. Health goals are the hardest to maintain and achieve. Often, give up halfway through a diet or exercise program because we’re struggling too much.

Visualization can be the answer. By regularly imagining your health goals, you can wire your brain to achieve them while staying committed and motivated.
Read on to discover how this works.

Visualization makes exercise fun:

Exercising is not the most enjoyable activity. In fact, for most people, it’s a dreaded necessity. This is what kills motivation and prevents us from sticking to a regular exercise plan.
Next time you’re groaning and sweating through a workout, use visualization to inject some fun and enjoyment into it.

When you’re on the treadmill or stationary bike, imagine yourself running or cycling along a beautiful woodland trail. Imagine you’re jogging on a deserted white beach with turquoise waves lapping at your feet. When you’re doing aerobics, resistance, or bodyweight exercises, imagine that you’re in a beautiful valley carpeted with wildflowers.

Transport yourself to a calm, relaxing scene and focus on everything around you. Use all of your senses to make the visualization as real as possible.

The result? Your workout will be over before you know it. In fact, you might even feel a little regretful that it flew by so fast! Over time, exercise will begin to feel less like hard work and more like a joyful experience that you look forward to.

Visualization develops good eating habits

Make a list of healthy foods that you know you should be eating more of. Visualize them as often as you can in mouthwatering scenes.

For example, visualize a table spread with a colorful array of fresh fruits and vegetables arranged on beautiful plates. Visualize heaping bowls of salad and platters, covered with healthy lean proteins and topped with delicious dressings and sauces.

Now, imagine yourself enjoying these foods. Use all of your senses to smell, taste, and take in the vibrant colors. Feel the texture of each food in your mouth as you chew and swallow. Really savor what you’re eating.

This kind of visualization works something akin to magic. It wires your brain to fall in love with these healthy foods. It will encourage you to eat more of them so that they become a permanent part of your diet.

How Visualization Can Help You Achieve Your Health Goals

Visualization helps you stay motivated:

In addition to injecting fun and pleasure into your exercise and eating routine, you can use visualization to stay positive and motivated.

Visualize your future self when you have achieved your health goals. Think of all the positive things that have resulted from your commitment and hard work.

Visualize yourself radiating good health and looking slim, toned, and amazing. Perhaps you have a new look as well and are wearing clothes that show off your great figure.

Don’t forget to focus on your positive emotions as well – how wonderful and energetic you feel and how much you are enjoying life.

Visualization silences your inner critic:

Negative self-talk is another big challenge when it comes to achieving health goals. We allow our subconscious to kill our motivation by telling us that this is too hard, that we can’t do it, or that a few extra pounds won’t kill us.
Visualization silences that inner voice by replacing it with positive, motivating thoughts. Over time, it will cease to affect you.

Visualization gives you more energy:

Among the many benefits of visualization is its ability to reduce stress. Positive visualization is a relaxing experience that releases stress-busting chemicals in your brain, leaving you feeling calm and peaceful.
Reduced stress means better sleep, which in turn means more energy and vitality. It’s a simple equation: Higher energy levels mean the ability to exercise and stay more active.


Visualization can help you do two amazing things. First, you will more easily achieve your health goals because your brain will create behaviors that enforce these goals and keep you motivated. Second, you will develop better health habits that stay with you for life.

Incorporate daily visualization practice into your life to reap these powerful benefits. Anyone can do it. It’s fun and it’s absolutely free. It’s as simple as closing your eyes and imagining a healthier, more vibrant you!


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