Miracle Cure Revision Demonstrates The Power of Mind over Matter!

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Miracle Cure Revision Demonstrates The Power of Mind over Matter!

Neville Goddard’s Lecture “Down to the Sea in Ships” reveals a remarkable story that showcases the profound influence of our minds on the physical world. The tale of a woman who healed her cataracts using Neville’s revision technique not only hints at the boundless potential of the human spirit, but also offers a blueprint for anyone looking to overcome their challenges through the power of Neville’s ground-breaking revision technique.

Comprehending the unravelling of this extraordinary feat requires a deep dive into Neville’s teachings on the subject. According to Neville, revision is a technique by which an individual revisits a significant life event and in their imagination rewrites it in a manner that aligns with their desired outcome. This isn’t merely wishful thinking or self-deception; it’s a disciplined practice of controlled imagining that profoundly affects the subconscious, thus shaping one’s present and future experiences. As illogical as it may seem, Id like to remind you that consciousness, or imagination is not bound by the constraints of reason and logic.

She Cured Her Cataracts

“so you say to the word imagining creates reality, in every sense of the word, not only for tomorrow but I will go back in time and change the past. If you tell this story to the world and someone believes you to the point of trying it, that’s their belief. And then it proves itself in performance, then you have someone that will go with you into something far, far greater, something far deeper. ” NEVILLE GODDARD Down to The Sea In Ships 1967


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In the story from “Down to the Sea in Ships,” the woman’s initial diagnosis of eventual blindness from cataracts serves as an impetus for her journey into the world of revision. Refusing to succumb to the grim prognosis, she resolutely replays in her mind a visit to the oculist where she hears a different, more desirable verdict. Her unwavering commitment to this mental script gradually yields surprising results, ultimately leading to a medical reassessment that declares her eyesight completely restored.

“then came these events after she applied this principle… then came the final judgement: you have no cataracts, no stigmatism, and yet the glasses you have been wearing have been corrected for it and then she comes out with this…your eyes the doctor guessed will be good as they are today for the next 10 years!” Neville Goddard

The lady’s journey underscores several key points addressed in Neville’s lecture. First, it highlights the courage required to actually put this process into practice. We must be prepared to challenge conventional perceptions in order to unlock the extraordinary power of our minds. Secondly is the necessity of faith and persistence in the process of revision. The unwavering belief that a different outcome is not just possible but inevitable moulds one’s thoughts and aligns them with the desired reality. Furthermore, this story underscores the importance of concrete, sensory visualization. As Neville often reminded us “feeling is the secret“. The lady did not merely think about what she wanted to revise; she entered into the desired state. She felt, saw, and experienced it in her mind with vibrant detail. This multi-sensory approach is imperative in transforming the inner state, and so harnessing the power of imagination.

Download: Down To The Sea In Ships

Neville Goddard’s Revision Technique Explained 

Neville Goddard's Revision Technique Explained 

For those inspired by this story but unsure of where to begin, Neville’s teachings provide practical advice for applying the revision technique in their own lives, regardless of the nature of their challenge. To embark on this transformative journey:

  • Identify the Issue: Be clear on the aspect of your life you’re seeking to change. Whether physical, emotional, or situational, pinpoint the specific challenge.
  • Cultivate the Desired Outcome: Create a mental image of how you wish things had unfolded. The more detailed and immersive, the better.
  • Devise the Script: Craft a compelling narrative that directly addresses and rectifies the issue. This script should have you playing the central role, it should be vivid, emotionally charged, and depict the outcome as though it has already come to pass.
  • Enter the State: Neville often refers to this as “the state akin to sleep.” It’s a deeply relaxed, almost meditative state where your conscious mind recedes, and your subconscious becomes most receptive.
  • Consistently Replay the Scene: Ritualistically play out the revised scenario in your mind every day, religiously committing to the process until it feels real and certain.
  • Let imagination act: As your thinking shifts and old perception and memories are replaced, be ready to be carried along a bridge of incidence to your desired outcome.

Making Revision A Way Of Life” by Fazila Bizior is a transformative workbook that delves into the depths of Neville Goddard’s revision technique, providing an accessible breakdown of this complex philosophy. The book meticulously unravels Goddard’s teachings, allowing readers to understand the core principles and apply them to their daily lives. It includes comprehensive lectures and recommended reading lists that further expand on Goddard’s ideas, enhancing the reader’s knowledge and understanding. Additionally, practical exercises are included throughout the workbook, which are designed to facilitate personal growth and reinforce the application of the revision technique. This hands-on approach encourages readers to actively engage with the material, ultimately helping them to make revision a consistent part of their life

Making Revision A Way Of Life Workbook

Download Making Revision A Way Of Life Workbook

“we are led to believe a lie when we see with, not through the eye ” William Blake

Taking Courageous Steps Towards Transformation

” For said he, if I tell you earthly things and you do not believe me. How can you believe if I tell you heavenly things ” John 3: 12

It takes immense courage and strength to wake up and make big changes in life. Change takes times and the road to transformation often involves the courage to try new things. But in the same way that an acorn metamorphoses into a big oak tree, we are wired to grow and stretch ourselves. When we make the choice to change as the lady did in this story we grow beyond the limitations of the ego and what others think. We even surprise ourselves!. Learning new skills and stretching ourselves, pushes us beyond restrictive belief systems and essentially transforms us from realists into mystics. Embracing the art revision could be one such change.

For many, change seems too daunting, something to be avoided like the plague. Trapped, so many choose to leave past traumas unresolved even if it means living out a life of frustration and unhappiness.. You can revise the past, and even though taking a leap of faith can be scary, through one act of courage you can begin to engineer a life we’ve always dreamed of.


Revision is about more than just positive thinking; it’s an intentional practice to transform your perceptions and, ultimately, your reality. Your past doesn’t define you – your reimagined experiences do Remember, the only barrier to change is the one you build in your mind. Revision challenges you to imagine a better yesterday and watch as your todays and tomorrows are magically transformed.

The story of the lady who healed her cataracts through revision stands as a potent reminder that our minds, when directed with intention, are powerful tools for transformation. Truth seekers looking to apply this technique in their lives would do well to remember that key lies not just in hearing about the power of revision, being practical and putting this concept to the test because it will not fail you.  Step outside the realm of whats logical and into the sphere of whats possible.  Start revising today!



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