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The Mystical Properties of The Sri Yantra

Humankind has always had an innate urge to express core experiences such as virility, fertility, death sacrifice and love through myths, allegories, architecture and belief systems. Without exception, every culture has used symbols to express those experiences. So, it is with the art of manifestation and conscious creation. Yes the concepts of how things come into physical form the nonphysical has been expressed symbolically in many ancient religions and cultures. Did you know there exists an ancient manifestation symbol that the Ancient Yogi’s claim to have mystical properties?

The Sri Yantra is a symbol associated with the Hindu Tantric religion. Now According to Carl Jung (1875- 1961) “Symbols are tools of expression and keys to knowledge”. The word “symbol” comes from the Greek symballen, meaning “throwing together” as in a synchronistic moment. A symbol effectively connects the strange or mysterious with the familiar to bring immediate illumination and understanding. In this article we will explore this most ancient of symbols and also why it’s often referred to as a manifestation symbol and instrument to create abundance.

The Ancient Manifestation Symbol

First referred to in an Indonesian inscription in the seventh century, the Sri Yantra is believed to have existed in India long before the time of its introduction to Indonesia. In fact, according to most experts it’s believed to have been around for 12,000 years. Often referred to as the holy instrument or instrument of creation; in Sanskrit, the name translates as “machine” or ” contraption”.

The Sri Yantra is aligned with the divine proportion and within it is contained the Flower of Life and Merkabah. The geometric figure is composed of nine triangles and every triangle is connected to the others by common points. This beautiful and complex sacred design is known to be difficult to draw correctly because changing the size or position of one triangle often requires changing the positions of many other triangles.

The Ancient Manifestation Symbol

The Sri Yantra according to Hindu Tantric traditions is a powerful mediation tool and for centuries this manifestation symbol was an object of worship and an instrument used to attract wealth. In fact, according to these ancient traditions if one was to wear or concentrate on the Sri Yantra they would invariably receive spiritual or magical benefits.

The Mystical Properties of The Sri Yantra

“If you only knew the magnificence of the 3, 6 and 9 then you would have the key to the universe” Nikola Tesla

It is made up of nine interlocking triangles, four upward pointing isosceles triangles representing Shiva the masculine principle. Five downward pointing isosceles triangles signifying Shakti the feminine principle. This union of divine masculine and feminine is a contemplative expression of the mechanics of the universe.

The triangle is enclosed by two rows of eight and sixteen petals, these represent the reproductive vital force and the lotus of creation. This enlightenment symbol also has together with the nine triangles interlaced in such a way as to form forty-three smaller triangles. In, its three-dimensional form it is thought to be the mystical and metaphysical Mount Meru or centre of the universe. The web that the designs forms is symbolic of the entire cosmos.

Is This A Law Of Attraction Symbol?

Is This A Law Of Attraction Symbol?

“Our psyche is setup in accord with the structure of the universe and what happens in the macrocosm likewise happens in the infinitesimal and most subjective reaches of the psyche” Carl Jung (1875-1961)

According to Hindu Tantric traditions the Yantra is used as a mediation device and energetic transmission for spiritual expansion. The term “Sri” indicates that the yantra is beneficent, auspicious, and conducive to wealth and abundance. Regularly referred to as the “king of all chakras ” explains why it’s often implemented as a tool or instrument for manifestations.

When you consider that the central point of the yantra, the bhindu represents the core of all manifestation – shiva – from which everything emanates – shakti you can see the overlap with certain tenets of metaphysics. Often in many occult writings they speak of the individual’s expanding consciousness and an eventual return to the source of creation. This concept is mirrored in the Yantra. The shapes gradually increasing in size until they reach the perimeter are symbolic of the growth of the humans individualized consciousness, one’s evolution. Also, as the shapes move inward this represents the human involution or return back to source. (full awakening)

Another tenet of metaphysics is the principle “As within, so without” , this is also part of the Yogic Tantric belief too. The cosmos can be found within each of us, so whatever state of consciousness we occupy within this will be reflected back to us externally.” Yogic Tantric believe that the principles that apply to the universe also by universal law apply to the individual. So just as the Sri Yantra express the mechanics of the universe, you the individual are considered to be the most perfect and powerful of all yantra , that being said one can conclude that the Sri Yantra is a psychological symbol of man’s consciousness.



For those of you who aspire to have material possessions and wealth could this really be the most powerful money attraction symbol,? Well, according to the Tantric religion its certainly more than just a good luck charm. Its design is representative of the workings or process of all physical manifestations. Which is why so many people have adopted this mystical object as a law of attraction symbol. When used in meditation correctly its practitioners believe it can bring miraculous benefits such as manifesting health wealth and abundance.

In fact, in one famous experiment Alexy Pavlovic of Moscow university monitored the brain wave patterns of people meditating on the Sri Yantra an found that it induced meditative states within the alpha -theta range. Below is a brief description of the mediation employed by those participants in the experiment.

A Simple Abundance Meditation:

  1. Seated have the Sri Yantra set no more than a meter away, in your eyeline. Sit erect but relaxed in a straight-backed chair with your feet flat on the floor. If you cannot sit, then lie on a mat or blanket on the floor or bed. If you adopt the lying position you will have to arrange for the Sri Yantra to be in you line of vision.
  2. Gently focus your awareness on the breath as it flows in and out of the body. Feel the sensations the air makes as it flows in through your mouth or nose, down your throat and into your lungs. Feel the expansion and subsiding of your chest and belly as you breathe. Focus your awareness on where the sensations are strongest. Observe it without trying to alter in any way or expecting anything special to happen. Do this for at least 3 minutes.
  3. Next bring you focus and attention to the bhindu or central point of the Sri Yantra. Continue as you breathe to keep your focus and attention on the bhindu. When your mind wanders , gently shepherd it back to the breath and continue your focus on the bhindu. The act of realising that your mind has wandered and bring it back to focus on the bhindu is central to the practise of this mediation.
  4. After a few minutes or longer if you prefer, gently close your eyes reopen them and take in the surroundings of the room.

The Tantric practitioners believe the drawing is an invitation for the observer to witness their own centre. The focusing is thought to activate and decalcify the pineal gland and balance the left and right hemispheres of the brain. The practise is supposed to deepen meditation and insight. By releasing tension and negative charges of existing emotional patterns you effectively are clearing the pathway for your manifestation.

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Final Thoughts

My articles are merely here to sign post those who are lost, truth seeking or awakening to the inevitable realization of their own creative consciousness. Clearly we can see that there is a common thread that permeates consistently throughout all ancient esoteric cultures. Is it a coincidence the gradual decreasing of the isosceles triangles represented in the Sri Yantra symbolises the journey that you the reader are now embarking upon? Your involution, your return back to the realization of your divinity. This has been my experience and it’s what we teach over at the Truecosmic Academy.

The journey and how you get there I cannot dictate but ultimately you will one day realize that you need no intermediary, no manifestation symbol, or instrument to manifest or create manifestations; for you, for your awareness your I AM ness is in truth the only creative power there is.

To get more insight and knowledge on esoteric teachings including manifestation symbols, law of attraction symbols and sacred geometry they why not check out our recommended reading section over at the Truecosmic academy..

ref: the secrets of the universe in symbols Sarah Bennett
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