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Can New Knowledge Change Established Values or Beliefs

I start today’s article with a question to you: Can new knowledge change established values or beliefs?  If we adhere to the premise that our core beliefs dictate our life experience then its a question worthy of consideration.  Investment into self-awareness and expanding one’s consciousness is the only worthwhile form of education there is.  Cultivating a belief in self is the primary means for improving the quality of your life. Your perceptions and experiences are intrinsically linked to your beliefs. False beliefs can not only rob you of dreams and desires but also deny you your true divine self to express its creative prowess.

Let me tell you a short tale to illustrate my point. Seven hundred or so years ago there was a young farmer by the name of Isaac. Isaac was dissatisfied with his lot in life. Although he was married to a loving wife and father to three beautiful young kids, he would often dream if his life could be better. He had a small pig farm in the village of Dover where he often worked up to 14 hours a day.  The little pigs he raised, barely kept him out of poverty.

Many days Isaac would look out over the English Channel and wonder if somewhere out there maybe there was a distant land with better climate and bigger opportunities. Maybe he had a desire to live in warming climates and owner larger lands, maybe own more farmland.

However, at the time, hundred years ago the prevailing paradigm of society was that the earth was flat. It was believed and that anyone who was brave or stupid enough to sail out on the seas would die. Any fool determined to sail far out enough he would eventually fall of the edge of the earth to his mortal doom. The earth was flat, and everyone knew it!

Now Isaac was “no fool” out of fear of falling off the edge of the planet he never dared to venture. Sensible and safe Isaac chose to live out his life in poverty because he never dared to take the risk to jump in a boat and sail across the sea in pursuit of his dream. He, too, like everyone believed the earth was flat!

In this story we see that Isaac, his understanding and false beliefs determined his choices and ultimately the quality of life. If only this young farmer challenged the prevailing paradigm he would have discovered that just thirty or so miles east across the sea was France and the entire mainland of Europe. Abundant in farmland and opportunities all he could have dreamed of was just beyond his comfort zone. Sadly, his fears, lack of knowledge and false beliefs ultimately killed his dream!

Change Your Beliefs

“With God all things are possible; all things are possible to him (MAN) who believes” Bible Verses Matthew 16:26.

This short story illustrates how a limited understanding of reality constrains our options. When we believe that we are limited in anyway then invariably what we perceive are limitations. However as aspiring mystics are we not constantly reminded that we are divine, infinite in potential and that all things are possible to the imagination.

Change Your Beliefs

As a truth seeker you seek to expand what you know about the universe and the workings of the mind.  Part of this journey of expansion means we must willing challenge the prevailing popular beliefs about what is really possible in our own lives. Metaphorically speaking when we choose not to exercise our unlimited potential or abandon our imagination, we are existing just as Isaac did, acting out of fear and resigning to mediocrity. However, unlike Isaac in our story wasn’t awakened, we cannot say the same.

Change The Script in What You Believe

“Nothing is more important to us than our conception of ourselves, and especially this is true of our concept of the dimensionally greater One within us.” Neville Goddard

The moment you shift what you think about yourself and your circumstances both you and those circumstances will begin to change. Self-concept is so important and I’m sure by now your familiar with the idea that our thoughts and inner dialogue influence our experience. Core beliefs either way you look at it determine our experience.  Just like in the simple illustration above, had Isaac the young farmer boy decided to change his thoughts and beliefs about his abilities and refused to accept the false truth about a flat earth, no doubt his life would have turned out quite different. Who knows what life he would have lived if only he dared to believe he could have crossed that small stretch of water. I’m encouraging you to change your self-concept, change the lens; see the world as limitless.

“When you change the way you look at things the things you look at change ” Wayne Dyer

Some call it perception I like to call it your lenses. We need to change the lens through which were viewing our own world. Changing the lens, we are wearing we challenge the belief about who we believe we are and eventually what we feel is possible. When you try on the new limitless lens, we challenge the status quo and start to see the world in a new way. We know that all that we are experiencing is a reflection of our self-belief which we can change at any time.

Understand that your true self is infinite develop this belief as a foundation a place to start from. When you change the lens from a limiting to a limitless lens, the beliefs you hold about yourself and what you believe is possible to change too. When you have that limitless lens on no problem, no challenge, no obstacle cannot be overcome.. Nothing is unattainable But the change must first begin within, we must change our beliefs

From A Realist To A Mystic

“Divorce the story of your limitation and marry the story of your unlimited capacity…” Anthony Robbins

Anyone who escapes to something “different” must be a non-conformist. Society, however, requests even demands, that we conform to its particular way of thinking. And to what cost do we surrender our opportunity to build our individual character by copying and so being conditioned by society? When we adhere to societies status quo that knows what’s best for us we stifle our uniqueness and straight jacket our creative power.

From A Realist To A Mystic

So often our excellent ideas, thoughts and dreams are abandoned because society doesn’t think its sensible. The so-called experts think it’s impossible. What if the Wright brothers resigned to this thinking,? We would have no aeroplanes today. What if Copernicus abandoned his studies and surrendered to the experts of the day, we’d probably still believe the earth is flat just like Isaac! I could go on and on with examples of people who did not conform with the status quo. Really, what I’m trying to illustrate is that what we can achieve is only limited by our beliefs and not what society says is possible.

“The circumstances of my life are too closely related to my conception of myself. I am moved here and there and made to live in a world in harmony with my concept of myself..”  Neville Goddard

Now, if your happy with the life you are living right now, even though you have the ability to manifest all your unfulfilled dreams then by all means “crack on! ” However, if you aren’t satisfied with the way things are going, then you are going to have to take action and begin to challenge those limiting beliefs and create a new paradigm that allows you to experience all your hearts desires. You are never more than a belief away from your greatest love, deepest healing and most profound miracles. After all this world that seems so solid is really malleable like clay. Everything from atoms to cells is changing to match our self-concepts, were limited only by the way we think of ourselves in this world.

My cosmic sibling remember we are all divine and imbued with the creative power of the universe, imagination.  Regardless of what the masses may think we all have the ability to create miracles for ourselves and our loved one.  Want to take that first particle step to change your self concept?, want to learn how to learn subconscious?, then head over to our fantastic Truecosmic academy, its an online educational forum with tons of resources to help expand your consciousness.

Until next time…

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