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Neville Goddard Meditation


Just imagine being able to deliberately change future events, improve your health, relationship and finances by harnessing a power that has always been available to you. In today’s article we will break down a very simple Neville Goddard Meditation that you can instantly use to untap the power of your consciousness and literally manifest your dream into reality.

Neville was a master of manifestation and personal transformation and soon you will learn one of his super powerful processes that will instantly propel you into the state that matches your desire. I call it “The Neville Goddard Meditation” as it’s based upon a meditation process inspired by the great mystic himself.

Please don’t overlook its simplicity because once mastered you will have the means to consciously create the reality of what you would like to experience. To attract wealth and prosperity, to bring forth loving relationships. To make you shine and glow in every area of your life.


What exactly is this Neville Goddard meditation? Well, it’s a program of mental rehearsals of future events that anchors successful images to positive emotions, with a simple visualization technique. It also programs the subconscious to bring a desired goal into reality. Now you’re probably familiar with visualization techniques and you may well have tried them before, that’s’ great. Most people try it for a while but then they give up, mostly for two reasons. The first is that the old you the one that protects the status quo creeps in again with excuses for not changing.

The second reason, maybe you’ve not been doing it correctly, so you may not have noticed any positive feedback to justify continuing doing it. Well, I’m going to give you a solution that’s going to work incredibly well, but it’s entirely up to you to use it. Firstly I’m just going to show you how to get into an alpha brainwave state (a state akin to sleep) and create a positive emotion using your imagination. Then I’ll show you how to use this exact process to create your ideal future experience. By mastering this practise, You’ll learn how to talk directly to your subconscious mind.


“Meditation is an illusion of sleep which diminishes the impression of the outer world and renders the mind more receptive to suggestion form within” Neville Goddard

There are three steps in the process. Before I reveal them to you let me give you a little tip. Set up a regular time to try this 5-minute meditation. It’s important to develop a habit for your creative Imagining session.

I want this experience to be the beginning of your permanent transformation. You’re going to discover a powerful meditation process that you can use to enhance your life, literally! Please remember though, that although this tool is immensely effective it does take practise. So set aside five minutes a day, Yep five minutes so that you can achieve any worthwhile goal and desire. Morning or night it doesn’t really matter just give yourself five minutes your worth it. These five minutes must be completely devoted to this creative imaging” process.

Ok ready for part one?

Step One: Getting Relaxed

Get into a comfortable position. Close your eyes and with your eyes closed, roll them up slightly as if you’re trying to see the centre of your forehead and listen to yourself breathe. Focus your attention on slowly taking deep breaths and the sound of the air coming in and out of your lungs. Feel yourself relaxed do this exercise for five times. It will only take 45 seconds or so as you focus on your breathing.

This is a simple relaxation exercise that will immediately alter your consciousness. Putting your brain into an Alpha wave state. In fact, if you were to hook yourself up to an EEG machine, whilst doing this simple procedure you would see an increase in Alpha wave production emitting from your brain and in only 45 seconds.

Step Two: Creating The Scene

“When this passive state is reached, think only on “things of good report” imagine that you are now expressing your highest ideal, not how you will express it, but simply feel here and now, that you are the noble one who you desire to be.” Neville Goddard.

Perfect, so you’ve learned how to induce an Alpha brain wave state in only 45 seconds. The next step is I want you to imagine a scene that you would experience if your desired outcome was already a fact! Yep, that’s right, if you’ve already achieved your goal.

For clarity let me give you an example; say your desire was to go on holiday in the Bahamas. Most people would try to visualize themselves somewhere on a beach sunbathing and drinking cocktails. Ok that’s perfectly alright, but remember you want this creative act to be as natural as possible so that the subconscious accepts it as truth.

Perhaps you could do this instead: Imagine you visit a relative, say a sibling and walking through the front door they complement you on how beautiful your tan looks, and you reply yeah “I’ve just come back from my holiday in Bahamas two days ago it was fantastic.” You see, how much easier it would be to create this scene. You could set it in familiar surroundings (your brother’s home) and your relatives facials expressions and voices are something you could easily replicate in your imagination. Also did you notice in this second suggested scene your conversation confirms that you’ve already been to Bahamas and had a fantastic time!

Whatever you choose to imagine, the point is to conjure up a winning feeling, a positive emotion which you can then connect with the imaginary scene. Remember you can feel the pat on your back, the voice confirming that you’ve achieve your goal, or receiving a standing ovation celebrating your win. Add colors, smells and the sense of touch to your scene, in fact do anything to add more specificity and realism to the scene. What you’re doing here is bringing forward into your consciousness a positive emotion that you will connect with this goal in your subconscious. This has the effect of anchoring this desired goal into the subconscious mind so that it’s energize and becomes a subconscious reality.

Step Three: Faith and Letting Go

“When you emerge from the moment of meditation it’s as though you were shown the happy end of a play in which you are the principal actor. Having witnessed the end in your meditation regardless of any anticlimactic state you encounter, you remain calm and secure in the knowledge that the end has been perfectly defined.” Neville Goddard

Ok, After you’ve created that positive moment and made those feelings well up inside of you with your eyes still closed and say the following out loud: “I now allow myself to have……………..” and then fill in the blank with whatever it was you wanted, and then say, “Thank you, so be it, it is done.!” This simple statement to yourself, affirms the goal that you’ve just programmed and releases it. Why release it?

Step Three Faith and Letting Go

What you want to do after affirming it, is to release and not dwell on it.

You see in a higher dimension this scene that you have just imagined is now a fact. Whether you know this or not, every objective thing we experience in this 3D world called reality is created in exactly the same way. Only this time you are consciously creating a desired outcome. Often many students new to this process get the first two parts right, but because they want the desire so badly they choke it with worrying thoughts that sabotage the process. When you dwell on something, it’s like you are telling the subconscious mind that you don’t really believe it’s possible. Have you ever wanted something in the past so badly that you’re afraid you’re not going to get it? Well, this is precisely what you are doing when you dwell upon it. Its, why throughout the ages, mystics instructions all have so much emphasis put upon active faith, it’s also why Neville Goddard continuously reminded us that we must exercise a belief in the “unseen reality” to materialize our desires.

This process is not about trying too hard, your imagination has ways and means of expression that are far beyond your rational thinking mind. This choking syndrome is a very easy thing to do, people who want things so badly fall prey to this all the time. However, once you’ve imagined your desire and fused it with feeling just as explained earlier then you’ve already created it, it’s already a fact in the subconscious mind. By letting go and not dwelling you’re effectively telling the subconscious mind you expect it to happen, and expectations creates a very fertile ground for manifestations. True letting go, brings a feeling of calm and realization that you can stop fighting and struggling to make things happen.

Overcoming Limiting Beliefs

“Every belief other than a belief in yourself, is a delusion that must die. Imagination will not fail you if you dare to assume and persist. Do not question the HOW of these things appearing, for no man knows the way. Regardless of things to the contrary, persist until your dream is completely realized.” Neville Goddard.

Now maybe you were expecting a more complicated process needed to create your desires, but as a divine being, who you are essentially, conscious creating was never meant to be complicated it was never meant to be hard, we just make it so. As a child you were resourceful and unencumbered by ego. You enjoyed creating and exercising your imagination, you would imagine without limitations and believe anything was possible. Returning back to that childlike state and overcoming the false limiting beliefs you have developed over your lifetime is the real challenge and what will take time.

Overcoming Limiting Beliefs

Do you believe you have the power to influence your material reality are you 100% sure that once imagined your goal will materialize.? Getting to that point of certainty is where you need to be. You see the strange thing about having an unfaltering hope and belief in your goal, is often there is a power that accompanies belief. It’s the power of faith I mentioned before. You see as you begin to exercise faith and walk in the assumption that your goal is an inevitable reality then things almost mysteriously begin to fall into place. Call it a bridge of incidents, serendipity or a luck but if your faith is unwavering then you will find yourself almost guided along a series of events that will lead to the attainment of your desire. However, no amount of studying or rationalizing will persuade you, I’m afraid this can only be discovered through practical experience.

So now all that is left is to go away and start practicing. If your new to all this You can start by applying this process to something unimportant as your beliefs aren’t necessarily challenged. The advantage being, that with each subsequent success you’ll begin to develop more confidence in the process.

Remember get comfortable, envision your future goal as if you’ve already achieved it, and playout this scene as vividly as you can in your imagination then affirm and release it. Walk in the assumption that its already a fact and it will manifest.

For more information and support, you can head over to the Truecosmic academy It’s a free online platform designed for developing consciousness and self-transformation. It’s also the place to go if your serious about manifesting your goals. You’ll find valuable resources and exclusive content to support you on personal growth. Take steps to deepen your understanding and expand you awareness.

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