Spiritual Awakening Journey Leaving You a Little Confused Read This!

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Awakening Journey Leaving You a Little Confused Read This!

The Spiritual Awakening journey can sometimes be a little lonely and confusing. As you begin to “remember’ your true identity sharing your experience with family and friends can be quite daunting. I know I’ve tried! It’s been said before that one symptom of a spiritual awakening is the breaking down of social structures.

Relationships that you’ve probably had all your life can become strained or even fractured, as those which you shared so much in common with, struggle to relate to your new attitudes and perceptions. They just don’t get you anymore and you don’t seem to fit in.

It’s fair to say that although its growing in popularity, most people don’t understand Universal Laws and attempting to try and explain to them about your new expanded awareness, often has mixed outcomes. If you can relate to any of these experiences then don’t be discouraged, rather celebrate because you are on the way to spiritual mastery.

Build a Little Confidence First

I can recall with great fondness the time I first consciously manifested something. I wanted to tell the world. I eagerly desired to tell all my friends and family how I intentionally “imagined” a phone call from an old friend, I hadn’t spoken to in six months. I wanted to tell them how four days after my imaginal exercise she called me on WhatsApp. I remember the incredulous look on my brothers face as I tried to convince him that I manifested the call. I can even recall how stupid I felt later that evening as the doubts of my family convinced me it was just coincidence.

It can be quite tempting to tell your family or friends about your new-found knowledge and in particular a manifestation story, however in the early stages of your journey that’s seldom a good idea. Lack of understanding and intellectual conditioning. They normally associate as something that kids do and not what it really is, the only creative power in the universe!

They may try to convince you that it is just a coincidence and that your success would have happened anyway. Once you start to revert back to rationalizing and reason you are stifling the very thing you are trying to awaken, the belief in your own divine power to create your reality. Once you start falling into the idea” it would have happened anyway” you’ll lose the much-needed ingredient which is faith.

So, my advice is to give it a little time before you share experiences. No amount of knowledge is enough, no argument is compelling enough to convince someone, you have to practice and only through experience will you or anyone become self-persuaded. This by no means is a rule set in stone, it’s quite possible that your partner or nearest and dearest may be receptive to your new ideas and growth in consciousness, it may even trigger an interest in them. However, its far more important to focus on constructing the “temple” within rather than trying to convince others of your newly discovered power.

Get ready to Get a Little Crazy

“Those who danced were thought to be quite insane, by those who could not hear the music”


An awaken individual would resonate with this quotation. The point I’m trying to convey here is that what may seem crazy to one mode of thinking, might be quite necessary, functional or even essential when we play by a different set of rules. What we are able to think and perceive defines the limitations of what you are able to achieve.

Spiritual Awakening Journey Leaving You a Little Confused Read This!

Your Divine purpose here on earth, in this reality is train your imagination. You first contracted to fully immerse yourself into this experience, then awaken and expand again. As you progress through this expansion you’ll begin to see things through a new liberating perspective.

Along this wonderful journey, you’ll begin to shatter long held treasured conceptions that you had about “reality”. To some of your friends and family your new shift in consciousness may appear to them insane. “He is losing his grip on reality, she is going little cuckoo”. I want to say if you experience this do not be concerned because its al part of the eternal biography of the spirits awakening.

“Do you know who he is? He is the Mad Mystic of 47th street. You should hear him. Do you know what he tells people? That their consciousness is God. He tells them that imagining creates reality. Now isn’t that the silliest thing in the world? You must hear him some night. Neville Goddard lecture.

Did you know they called Neville Goddard the “Mad Mystic of 47th street”, also the central character of the Bible, Jesus was called a mad man that eats and drinks with sinners. When you interpret scripture not as secular history, but as your own spiritual biography, you’ll begin to identify with the experiences the state called Jesus and your own spiritual awakening. You’ll then understand why being called mad by the masses is all part of the eternal plan of the spirits awakening.

Having the ability to intentionally manifest your desires requires a definite shift from a logical mindset, that is governed by the senses to one that is led by imagination. To realize your true potential and to activate this latent power within means adopting a mindset that others may view as a little crazy. But, hey if it enables you to create your desires and live a life of abundance, do you really care?

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Spiritual Awakening Journey Final Thoughts:

To live a life of happiness and abundance you have to be prepared to let go, let the real you unfold. Often the egos grip is stubborn, but it must be challenged, and this inner conflict must take place if you are to evolve spiritually. Remember its predestined that at the end of this journey you will come to experience the greatest version of yourself.

Finding it increasingly difficult to communicate with your peers? Then join our online community. It’s a safe forum where one can share experiences, get advice and encouragement from like minded people, without the fear of being ridiculed. Recently I read some fantastic stories and testimonies that in turn fortified my own faith. I find hearing a good testimony often supports my resolve to live by my imagination. It can help you too, if you’re suddenly finding it difficult to connect with your peers.

If you haven’t done so yet pop over to our Facebook group Neville Mystic Teachings, the link is below. Hope to see you there.



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