Twelve Law Of Attraction Movies You Definitely Should Watch

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So today we are going to review the Top Twelve Law Of attraction movies that you should take time to watch. Some of the movies may not at first appear to be the type of movies you might think would be mentioned but understanding that the law of attraction addresses the human psyche then you’ll perhaps understand the justification for their inclusion. So, without delay lets dive in and see if you agree with us. Please note that the movies listed are in no specific order of merit.

What The Bleep Do We Know

When we understand the Law Of Attraction, and that essentially it deals with the nature of consciousness, we can then justify the inclusion of the film: “What The Bleep Do We Know?” on our list of must watch movies.; (also known as; “What the #$*! Do We Know?” is essentially a 2004 documentary style movie that delves into the human experience, quantum physics, spirituality and consciousness. The film was directed by William Arntz, Betsy Chasse, and Mark Vicente, and features interviews with scientists, philosophers, and spiritual teachers. Followers of the Law of Attraction will appreciate the contributions from thought leaders such as Dr Joe Dispenza , Masaru Emoto, and Ramantha , just to name a few.

The film tells the story of Amanda (Marlee Matlin), a photographer who is struggling with her personal and professional life. During her journey of self-discovery, she encounters a variety of experts who introduce her to new concepts about the nature of reality, and more importantly the role that she plays in it. The Law Of Attraction teaches that one’s thoughts and beliefs shape one’s experience of the world and this is what Amanda discovers in a series of episodes throughout the movie.

The nature of atoms, quantum principles and the behavior of subatomic particles is a complex concept, however by use of superb animated sequences and special effects the producers present these ideas to the viewer in a way that even the layman could understand. The film also delves into the concept of the placebo effect, self-belief, brain and heart coherence and more importantly how these factors affect our health and wellbeing.

Sceptics of metaphysics and the occult have criticized that some claims in the movie have no mainstream scientific support. They’ve even gone so far as to question the validity of the so-called experts interviewed in the film. However despite this, worldwide, truth seekers, spiritualist and new age fans have heralded “What the bleep do we know” as a superb must watch law of attraction movie.

Yes Man Jim Carey

Want to watch a film that’s fun, uplifting as well as inspiring? Well Yes Man starring Jim Carey would be the ideal choice. Released in 2008 the comedy film directed by Peyton Reed with Carey in the lead role is based on the 2005 book of the same name by Danny Wallace.

In this comedy Carrey, plays Carl Allen, a man living an unfulfilled life stuck in the urban rat race. A pessimist at heart, he says “no” to everything. However, he is transformed when after attending a self-help seminar, Carl decides to start saying “yes” to everything. This new enlightened attitude leads him on a series of adventures and new experiences.

Yes Man Jim Carey

Along his serendipitous journey, he meets Alison (played by Zooey Deschanel) a spiritually liberated woman who encourages him to live life to the fullest. However, as Carl says ” yes ” to everything his life gets out of control, and he has to learn how to regain equilibrium between his newfound approach and his relationship and responsibilities.

Stepping out of one’s comfort zone as well as confronting fears is the key to growth and expansion and this light, heart-warming film displays that lesson beautifully. Although it’s a comedy, it will emotionally resonate with anyone with an interest in self-help. Carey in the lead role gets to display his trademark zany antics and physical comedy, all the while reinforcing the benefits of optimism and courage. Like attracts like and having a positive outlook on life creates positive outcomes. A beautiful film layered with messages of self-discovery and the power of positive thinking. “Yes Man”, is a movie that is actually better than the book.


It would be nigh on impossible to compile a list of Law of Attraction Movies and not include The Secret Part 1. This film and book was released in 2006 and became an instant worldwide sensation. The bestselling book sold millions of copies and the equally successful film, has said to be life changing for millions worldwide. A-listers such as Oprah Winfrey and Steve Harvey have testified to the positive impact the movie made and its eternal message of self-empowerment has stood the test of time.

Essentially The Secret is a self-help book and documentary film that explores the concept of Law of Attraction, this ancient cosmic law suggests that our human experience is dictated by our thoughts and belief. In fact, this law has been documented in ancient hermetic texts, dating back as far as (c. 3700 to 2150 BCE). Essentially lost to modern day audiences. Australian author and producer Rhonda Byrne was able to re-introduce these timeless concepts to a whole new modern generation.


For those already familiar with the philosophy of the “Law Of Attraction“, they will appreciate the inciteful interviews in the film from popular spiritual teachers such as Bob Proctor, bestselling author Jack Canfield and metaphysician Joe Vitale just to name a few. With the experts, giving tips and guidance throughout the movie on how to practically apply the Law of Attraction this movie has also been credited with being the perfect introduction to New Age philosophy and its application.

The core tenant of the Law Of Attraction states: a person’s thoughts and beliefs create a vibrational frequency that in turn attracts similar situations and experiences into one’s life. Practitioners are therefore encouraged to be positive thinking if they wish to experience positivity in their lives. Conversely if ones thoughts are negative, then one should expect to have a corresponding negative experience.

The film encourages viewers to practice gratitude, visualization, and positive affirmations as a way of aligning their thoughts and beliefs with their desires. Cynics have criticized The Secret for promoting a simplistic and materialistic view of spirituality, and for suggesting that individuals take full unequivocal responsibility for their own circumstances.


The Secret Part 1 was such a world wide success it was inevitable and that fans would be clamouring for a sequel. Fourteen years after the debut of the original film, in 2020 The Secret Part 2 Dare To Dream was released. Whilst the entire globe was experiencing the collective depression of a covid pandemic producers treated the world to the perfect antidote to lockdown anxiety with this moral boosting and spiritually uplifting classic.

Hollywood A-lister star Katie Holmes plays a widow and single mother named Miranda who is struggling with her personal and professional life. When a storm damages her house, Miranda meets Bray (Josh Lucas), a mysterious stranger who offers to help her rebuild her life.


The original movie was more of a documentary, but in this superb sequel writers adopted a more narrative format to illustrate the principles of positive thinking and manifestation. Throughout this law of attraction movie, we see Miranda and Bray experience abundance and positive outcomes when they practice gratitude, affirmations and forgiveness.

In a time when the world needed a boost to moral The Secret part 2: Dare To Dream was warmly received and despite criticism from New Age cynics it has inspired many viewers to adopt a more positive and optimistic outlook on life. This is a must watch for fans of New age teachings in particular the Law of Attraction


In a list of Law of Attraction movies, you might question why a film about a young girl’s recovery from a terminal condition would be included. Well, when you consider The Law Of Attraction ultimately address ” consciousness” , it can be argued those that those who have a near death experience, therefore have a common affinity.

This 2016 Biographical depiction tells the tale of a young girl Annabel Beam (Rogers) who suffers from a rare and incurable digestive disorder. As Annabel struggles to find hope and healing, we also see the subplot story of her family’s journey of faith and resilience. Miracles from Heaven directed by Patricia Riggen starring Jennifer Garner, Kylie Rogers (Anabel) and Martin Henderson is quintessential inspirational cinema.


After a near-death experience, Annabel experiences a miraculous recovery that stuns her doctors and inspires her family and community. It’s this aspect of the movie that truth seekers and practitioners of Law Of Attraction particularly resonate with. Altered consciousness coupled with faith is a necessity for any manifestation and this story illustrates that concept beautifully.

Miracles from Heaven was warmly received by critics, in particular there’s a sterling performance from Jennifer Garner in the lead role as Anna’s mother. It’s been praised for its positive and uplifting message and exploration of consciousness and faith. There are not many films like Miracles from Heaven that deal with the controversial topic of near-death experiences, which is why this movie is such a rare gem. This is a powerful and emotional film that has particularly resonated with new age thinkers, those who have experienced serious illness or overcome great adversity.


Inception; is a 2010 science fiction heist thriller film written and directed by Christopher Nolan. The protagonist Dom Cobb played by Leonardo DiCaprio is a highly skilled thief who specializes in extracting valuable information from people’s dreams. Cobb who’s also a fugitive from the US is offered the opportunity to have his criminal record expunged in exchange for planting an idea in a high profile target’s mind- a process called” inception.” Cobb assembles a team to undertake a dangerous and complex mission.

The film delves into the nature of consciousness, dreams and the power of the subconscious mind, it’s for this reason why it’s included in our list. As well as themes of redemption, guilt and the nature of reality, Inception is a top-class thriller. It’s a movie that taps into the subject of mind power in an imaginative and creative way. The film’s complex narrative structure and intricate plot twists have made it a cult classic, as well as a critical and commercial success.

Inception; is a 2010 science fiction

Nominated for eight Academy Awards, including Best Picture and Best Original Screenplay Christopher Nolan delivers a film with stunning visual effects, noteworthy of a mention are the visuals depicting gravity-defying fights and landscapes that warp and twist as the characters move through different levels of consciousness. In fact, the award for Best Visual Effects was one of the four Oscars that the movie was awarded.

For truth seekers who wish to understand the nature of reality and the power of the subconscious mind Inception is an absolute must watch. As well as being an entertaining thriller in its own right, this fictional thriller presents many established truths about the power of our minds which makes it Insightful as well as entertaining. It’s probably why this visually stunning and intellectually challenging move has such a cult following.


Interstellar is the second Christopher Nolan film on our list. This 2014 science fiction film starring Matthew McConaughey, Anne Hathaway, and Jessica Chastain explores the human condition but also delves into the quantum physics phenomena. The new quantum scientific revolution has finally bridged the gap and ended the divorce between spirituality and science, the commonalities and similarities between the two modes of thought are irrefutable. That’s why any movie that delves in quantum physics justifies inclusion on our review list.

Set in a dystopian future, we find humanity on the brink of destruction. Earth, mankind’s home is slowly becoming uninhabitable due to environmental degradation. The film follows the story of Cooper (McConaughey), a former NASA pilot who is recruited to lead a mission to find a new home for humanity in a distant galaxy. Cooper and his team travel through a wormhole to another galaxy, where they encounter a mysterious and potentially dangerous phenomenon known as a black hole.

Interstellar is the second Christopher Nolan film

The film explores quantum physics, time, space continuum, and the human condition. In particular the exploration of time travel and the quantum effect has endeared this movie with new age thinkers. Cooper in order to save mankind has to leave his family behind and we get to see the character grapple with this dilemma and inevitable guilt throughout the movie.

Most scientific movies are hyperbolic for dramatic effect, however interstellar has been praised for its scientific accuracy. The film’s stunning visuals, including depictions of deep space. black holes and a planet with giant waves, have earned it critical acclaim and numerous awards.

Christopher Nolan delivers a visually stunning and intellectually challenging movie that asks probing questions about the nature of humanity, the universe and complexities of quantum physics. The films emotional climax, in which Cooper communicates with his daughter across time and space, has been particularly celebrated as a powerful expression of the enduring bonds of love and family.

Multi-layered characters; Its exploration of time and space, as well as its themes
of love and the quantum phenomena, have made it a favorite among fans of science fiction and philosophical cinema.


Based on the bestselling self-help book classic “You Can Heal Your Life” by Louise Hay, this documentary movie was released in 2007. Directed by Michael Goorjian its focus on the teachings and philosophy of Louise Hay. Founder of Hay house publications, Louise Hay was a leading Law Of Attraction teacher and author.

This Law of Attraction movie essentially is a documentary film based on the best-selling book of the same name by Louise Hay. The film was directed by Michael Goorjian and released in 2007. It provides an insight into the teachings of Louise Hay, who is a renowned spiritual teacher and author. The documentary features interviews with Louise Hay, as well as with various experts and teachers in the fields of self-help, spirituality, and personal growth.

The central theme of the film is the power of our thoughts and beliefs and how they influence our lives. According to Louise Hay, every thought we think and every word we speak is creating our future. Therefore, if we want to change our lives, we must first change our thoughts and beliefs.


Throughout the film, Louise Hay shares her personal story of how she overcame physical and emotional challenges by changing her thoughts and beliefs. She also explains her philosophy that every physical ailment is rooted in an emotional or mental cause. By addressing the underlying emotional issues, we can heal ourselves of physical ailments.

The film includes several case studies of individuals who have transformed their lives by following Louise Hay’s teachings. These individuals share their personal experiences of how they used affirmations, visualization, and other techniques to overcome obstacles and achieve their goals.

In addition to Louise Hay’s teachings, the film also explores other spiritual and self-help concepts, such as the law of attraction, forgiveness, and gratitude. The experts and teachers featured in the film provide their own perspectives and insights on these concepts, offering viewers a diverse range of viewpoints to consider.

Overall, “You Can Heal Your Life” is an inspiring and uplifting film that encourages viewers to take control of their thoughts and beliefs in order to transform their lives. The film is beautifully produced, with stunning visuals and an inspiring soundtrack. It is a must-watch for anyone interested in personal growth, spirituality, or self-help.

Lucy: Untap Power of Human Mind, Brain Potential

Lucy; is a 2014 science fiction action film directed by Luc Besson, with Scarlett Johansson playing the protagonist. The film explores the concept of unlocking the full potential of the human consciousness, using the premise that humans only use a small percentage of their cerebral capacity. As it addresses the topic of expanded awareness, for this reason I’ve included it on our list.

Set in Taiwan, Lucy is a young woman who is forced into becoming a drug mule by a
criminal organization. However, when one of criminal gang members tries to sexually assault her the package of drugs inside her body ruptures. Barely surviving, the side effect of the overdose begins to unlock the full potential of her brain. She starts to gain enhanced abilities such as increased intelligence, telekinesis, and control over electromagnetic fields.

Lucy Untap Power of Human Mind, Brain Potential

As her abilities increase, Lucy seeks out a renowned neuroscientist named Professor Norman played by the ever-assured Morgan Freeman to help her understand what is happening to her. However, she must also navigate dangerous gangs who are after the drugs inside her body, as well as avoid detention by the police.

The film creatively delves into the themes of evolution, human potential, and the nature of consciousness. Just what can man achieve when they expand their mind and cerebral capacity to its fullest potential is the premise of this movie. Luc Besson imaginatively poses this question is this fast-paced action movie, as we see Lucy with her superpowers stays alive and protect herself from the criminal gangsters.

The scientific accuracy of the film may be questionable, after all essentially the film is hyperbolic in some scenes, but it has been praised for its imaginative concept and its exploration of philosophical themes related to the nature of the human psyche. Final note, of course there’s the excellent performance by the films lead Johansson.

Matrix Trilogy

The Matrix Trilogy written and directed by the Wachowski siblings is a series of three science fiction action films released between 1999 and 2003. The plot is as follows: sometime in the future, mankind is trapped inside a simulated reality created by machines to keep humans under control while using their bodies as an energy source.

In the first installment The Matrix (1999) the audience is introduced to the protagonist, Neo (Keanu Reeves), a computer programmer who learns that the world he once thought was real is actually a computer-generated simulation created by intelligent machines. After his “awakening ” Neo is soon contacted by a group of rebel humans who have been freed from the Matrix, led by Morpheus (Laurence Fishburne). Neo is offered the opportunity to join their rebellion against the machines, they embark on a mission to free the rest of humanity and destroy the enemy machines in the process.

Matrix Trilogy

The Matrix Reloaded (2003) is the second installment and, takes up where the first film left off, with Neo continuing his journey of self-discovery. Identified as “the chosen one”, he realizes that he possesses special powers and can manipulate the Matrix at will. Matrix Reloaded also introduces new characters Keymaker (Randall Duk Kim), who holds the key to unlocking a powerful weapon that could assist humanity defeat the machines, were also introduced to the rogue program known as the Merovingian (Lambert Wilson). Meanwhile, the machines are preparing to launch a massive attack on Zion city, the last remaining safe haven for humans outside the Matrix.

The third and final installment in the trilogy “The Matrix Revolutions”; (2003), climaxes with an epic confrontation between the humans and the machines. As the battle ensues, and with the rebels on the brink of annihilation, Neo realizes his destiny is not just to defeat the machines, but to bring balance to the Matrix and allow humans and machines to coexist peacefully.

So why is The Matrix Trilogy on our list. Apart from the ground-breaking special effects and innovative action sequences, the film is layered with philosophical, metaphysical and esoteric references. The Law Of Attraction challenges the operant to explore the power of our thoughts and beliefs and poses the question of what this power has over reality. In fact, some LOA experts propose that this world we live in is a hologram matrix of sorts. The Matrix Trilogy explore the ideas about reality, perception, identity, and free will. In fact, much of the philosophies featured in the film have striking similarities to the traditions of Buddhism, Gnosticism and esoteric Christianity. Those familiar with the Law Of Attraction will enjoy spotting the tonnes references sprinkled throughout the series of movies. The trilogy has had a significant impact on popular culture and has an enormous cult status.

Eat Pray Love – Julia Roberts

Based on the bestselling memoir of the same name by Elizabeth Gilber, Eat Pray Love is a rom com-drama film directed by Ryan Murphy and starring Julia Roberts. Released in 2010. The film tells the story of Gilbert’s journey of realization and self-discovery as she travels the world in search of meaning and fulfillment.

The synopsis: Gilbert played by Roberts, is a successful writer who is feeling unfulfilled in her life and marriage. After a painful divorce, Gilbert embarks on an odyssey to Italy, India, and Indonesia, spending four months in each country. In Italy, she discovers the pleasures off friendship and food, learning to indulge in the simple pleasures of life. In India, there she acquires an increased self-awareness, practicing spiritual healing and meditation. Finally in Indonesia after finding inner peace, she finds love and balance in a new relationship.

Eat Pray Love - Julia Roberts

The film beautifully depicts Gilberts journey of self-discovery. As she embraces the power of living in the present, it enables her to let go of her fears and expectations with gratitude and appreciation. Along the way, she meets a diversity of colorful characters, each with their own unique perspective on life.

Truth seekers will love the endearing message of self-discovery infused in the film, however some critics thought the film too cliched and overly sentimental . Despite this the movie was a commercial success, grossing over $200 million at the box-office.

Eat Pray Love speaks an eternal message: that the key to happiness and fulfillment, is to live in the present. For those going through their own journey of self-discovery and spiritual awakening, they’ll find Gilbert not just relatable, but also inspirational. The crowning glory of the movie is Roberts outstanding performance which was a truly standout outing. She brings charisma, depth and authenticity to the lead role. Eat Pray Love gets five stars all the way.

Doctor Strange

Now to the final choice on our illustrious list, Doctor Strange the fourteenth film in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU). It’s a 2016 superhero film produced by Marvel Studios, directed by Scott Derrickson, and starring Benedict Cumberbatch in the lead role.

In the movie, Cumberbatch plays Dr. Stephen Strange, a brilliant but egotistical neurosurgeon who after a horrific car accident loses the use of his hands. After exhausting all traditional medical methods to regain his abilities, and facing bankruptcy he travels to Nepal searching for a mystical solution. He is finally lead to a sacred temple called Kamontage. There, he is introduced to the Ancient One (Tilda Swinton), a powerful sorcerer who schools him in the ways of magic and introduces him to the mystical realm.

Strange soon becomes embroiled in a conflict against the evil sorcerer Kaecilius (Mads Mikkelsen), a disciple of a powerful entity known as Dormammu. This antagonist is on a mission to merge his reality with the one on Earth and so it is with the help of fellow sorcerer Mordo( ChiwetelEjiofor), that Strange embarks on a mission to save the world.

Doctor Strange

So just why is this movie on our list? Doctor Strange provided a beacon of imagination, a superhero movie infused with esoteric teachings. The movie is more than just a superhero flick, those knowledgeable in the Cosmic Law can appreciate the multiple references to the law of attraction, and metaphysical philosophies.

Even if you didn’t fully understand all the third eye references, mainstream audiences were still blown away by the films amazing interpretation of parallel realities. Pay close attention and you find nuggets of mystical wisdom and sprinkled throughout the story line.

As the film explores themes of redemption, identity, and the nature of reality we also see an important subplot, as Strange battles his own ego and limitations in order to become a hero. This inner conflict and journey of discovery every truth seeker can certainly resonate with. The film’s blend of action, humor, and spiritual themes make it a unique addition to the superhero genre and one worthy to be on our list.


So there you have it, our top twelve Law Of Attraction movies. Some inclusions may be debatable, however we felt that as they all in some way dealt with an expansion of consciousness, this warranted their consideration. Having read our illustrious list do you agree? Perhaps there may be movies omitted that you believe should be included. If so please let us know in the comments section below. That being said, if you haven’t viewed any of the Law of Attraction movies mentioned above, then I encourage you to take time out and watch them. I’m sure you’d be entertained and certainly inspired.

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