Want The Solution To A Problem You Cant Fix

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Want The Solution To A Problem You Cant Fix

Have you got a problem that you cant fix?  Or may be a crisis that seems unsolvable I want you to know that whatsoever it is, whatever has appeared out of reach to you can be achieved when you know how. However, to achieve that ever elusive goal requires a profound change in the way you have been taught to accomplish objectives or solve problems. You see whether you know it or not, the instant you took your first breath you were infused with the greatest power in the universe, your imagination.

Through your wonderful human imagination, you can transform the visions in your mind into the reality in your world. Yet for so long this creative aspect of you has been suppressed by an ego, an ego who views this world through duality and separation. It is this limited perspective that has denied you your greatness.

“May I tell you: you have the power within to create anything! Let people be what they want to be, while you set goals for yourself. It doesn’t matter what has happened in your life or what the evidence of your senses tells you, the power of the universe is in you!” Neville Goddard.

The Rational Mind

It doesn’t matter what it is, whether suffering physical pain, in debt, relationship problems or any other undesirable state, it’s quite natural to seek a way out. Normally what do you do? You deploy one of your mind’s most powerful tools — rational critical thinking, how does it work?

You see yourself in a place (undesired state) and you know where you want to be (state of the wish fulfilled). Logic thinking then analyzing the gap between the two and tries to bridge it. This fires up the mind and you launch into the doing mode. This doing mode works by progressively closing the gap between where you are and where you want to be. It breaks down the problem into small tasks that are one by one analyzed and solved. Before finally reassessing the problem to see whether this solution has bridged the gap and got you closer to your target.

The doing mode is a fantastically powerful tool that can help us solve countless problems. I mean myself in the creation of this article employed the same process. I broke down the article into smaller subheadings, broke it down further into paragraphs and further still into sentences. Once all tasks were completed, it is put together to form an article. It’s how engineers have designed magnificent buildings and how doctors treat disease. The doing mode is one of man’s greatest assets. However, it’s limited and certainly when dealing with the realm of the “impossible “it’s the worst thing you can do. Now I’m not advocating that you totally abandon the doing mode, but if you are to un-trap your unlimited potential, if you want to achieve goals that before you thought were unreachable it requires a new radical approach to solving these challenges in your life.

Want The Solution To A Problem You Cant Fix

Solving the Unsolvable

You can’t solve a problem with the same level of consciousness that created it.   Albert Einstein

Did you know that there is an infinitely more powerful alternative to the Doing mode? We have been conditioned to rely so much on the Doing mode that we forget that we are aware. We are so used to filtering the world through our five senses that we have forgotten the magical power of consciousness.

The Being mode (occupying the desired state) is the alternative that for centuries seers and mystics have been instructing us to employ to solve all of life’s challenges. Not only can this Being mode tap into an infinitely more powerful aspect of ourselves, but when we adopt this new approach to problem solving we are working with a superior form of intelligence. For thousands of years people have learned to cultivate this being mode and hidden within all the esoteric texts are all the instructions we need. The being mode is how humans are able to experience miracles, it’s how the impossible becomes possible.

Western culture has traditionally focused on the doing mode so much that they have neglected this latent power that exists within us all. The Doing mode can only take us so far and often requires struggle and a lot of hard work. Compare that with the Being mode that aligns us with universal forces. The Being mode puts us in alignment with the Cosmic Law of correspondence, that by the way also promises abundance and success without sweat.

How Does This Being Mode Work

Essentially when we are being the solution of the goal we aspire to, we literally surround ourselves with our desires because as we feel ourselves to be the solution it compels the universe to reflect this state of being back to us in our everyday experience. Now you might say: “this is a really bold claim Michael, but have you got any evidence to back it up?” Well what if I told you the most accurate science known to man supports this very claim.

I’m not going to try and give you a crash course in Quantum physics, it’s such a complex science but I can expand upon the basics because they are certainly relevant here.

Want The Solution To A Problem You Cant Fix

Almost three hundred years ago Isaac Newton invented physics. For two hundred years Newtonian physics reigned supreme until in the early twentieth century new insights and discoveries took physics far beyond Newton. Its discoveries heralded the second scientific revolution and out of this quantum physics was born. Not only has this science given us a new understanding of our universe and how it works, but has proven to be the most accurate science in human history. Its accuracy can in fact be calculated to 99.9% no other discipline of science even comes close.

Now in a nutshell, the quantum scientists have concluded that our consciousness affects everything that we call real. Yes, all that we can see, feel and touch are influenced by our minds. If all this sounds far fetched and too radical then please research the famous” double slit experiment”. It’s a real eye opener and a good introduction to this concept.

Needless to say, these findings of quantum physics will permeate our culture and become the common knowledge of future generations. Just as Newton and his contemporaries took time for their ideas to be accepted, likewise it is the same here. John Wheeler an honored physicist and contemporary of  Albert Einstein states:

“ We could not even imagine a universe that did not somewhere and for some stretch of time contain observers because the very building materials of the universe are those acts of the observer participancy.”

Wheeler categorically concludes that our consciousness is creative and is part of the building blocks of what we call reality.

So just imagine if we can utilize the Being mode and occupy a state of consciousness that is the solution or goal then this act of being should build a corresponding reality.

The scientists refer to this reality creating process as “collapsing the quantum possibility wave”, I’m not going to delve too deep into the topic but it’s essentially a scientific interpretation of how our state of being creates our material world and experiences.  By creating the consciousnesses of what is desired the quantum soup produces its reflection back to us.

Striving Versus Being

The Doing mode compares the world with a version that only exists in our hopes, dreams, fears and nightmares, it merely through dogged action tries to bridge the extremes. The Being mode is where through imagination you create the inner state that matches your desire and by the Law of Correspondence compels this state of being your occupying to be reflected back to. The Doing mode uses your limited thoughts and ideas, the Being mode is working with Cosmic laws that govern our universe.

“Dare to assume that you have your desire. You may feel that you do not have the wisdom to find the means to get it, but you do. If it takes one thousand or ten thousand people to play their parts to bring you the embodiment of what you have assumed you are, they will play their parts.” Neville Goddard.

Now I know this may sound too easy to be true, is that all we need to do is imagine our desired state, occupy this state (Being mode) and this inner feeling will become our reality, but I need you to understand life was never meant to be that hard. We have always been imbued with this creative power but as I mentioned before have forgotten how to use it. Science is only now discovering what all the ancient texts have taught us, the ancient law of Correspondence: As above so below, as within, so Without. The universe we live in is merely a reflection of our state of being, so utilize the Being modes, be the solution to experience it.



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