“Divorce the story of your limitation and marry the story of your unlimited capacity.” Anthony Robbins

Let me ask you Do you feel alive right now or do you feel like you are running on empty? Do you feel like you living with purpose and fulfilling your dream? If not then it’s probably because your inner light has faded. If you feel low, flat, and drained then that spark within has been dimmed because you are not following your passion.

Often we set out to follow our own adventure, then the ego, disguised as logical intelligence steps in. The false self has such a stronghold, the intellectual mind is such a wilful force and before we take a ” chance” in life, it forces us down the safe route and we end up doing something totally unfulfilling. This is the story of living in your safe zone. Often in life, the career path we dreamed of following as a child is often replaced by a risk-averse choice.


I want to tell you something it is an illusion to spend 8 hours a day working your arse off for an unappreciative boss in a job that doesn’t fulfill you. Comatose, you literally sleepwalk through the day feeling flat, stressed out, and dissatisfied. The dog eats dog eat world is literally chewing you down to the bone and it is an illusion that this will ever make you happy.

Somewhere deep down, in your gut, intuition whispers that there is more to this epic adventure called life but you’re doing anything about it. Well, a few years ago this was me.


It took me an awful long-time to realize that living your true purpose and following your passion is where you are truly alive and fulfilled. When you realize your true purpose and embrace your limitless potential it honestly feels like you are the star of an epic movie, each and every moment feels like an adventure.

Staying in a job to pay the bills is never the only choice, choosing a career that doesn’t inspire you every day can’t lead to happiness. Considering we spend up to one-third of our daily existence working, we might as well be doing something that we enjoy right?

Follow Your Passion

Now, I’m not advocating that if you are currently dissatisfied, you act irresponsibly and walk out of your job. However, if you’re not getting fulfillment from your present vocation, believe it or not, you do have the choice. You can choose a more rewarding and fulfilling career; you can right now choose to follow a path that’s more aligned with your gifts and talents. Is this choice risky? Absolutely! Are there potential pitfalls? You bet there is. Remember all great endeavors in life first begin with a decision a choice. And if you are able to follow this path remember your also working with nature and your spiritual growth is guaranteed.

The Only Doorway to Your Dreams

Think of your own ultimate dream, that career change, starting your own business, or perhaps moving to a new country You can either listen to your feelings that are screaming for you to pursue it, or you can obey that logical thinking that says you will never beat the odds.

If you’re not experiencing success right now, then consider the concept; you can create a happy life by creating a happy consciousness. Yes, your wonderful human imagination is the doorway to anything you want to experience in this world. By creating an inner state, by engineering a consciousness that corresponds with your desire, universal law says this will come into your 3D experience.

The Only Doorway to Your Dreams

Society has taught us that our thoughts and imagination are nothing more than wishful thinking and that we should ignore our awareness and the visions we secretly dream about. However when you awaken to the truth that the “human imagination” is the only creative power in this universe then you are suddenly empowered to live out any experience you may wish. With imagination and faith, you can change your future and transform your destiny.

Simple but true, construct a scene that would imply that your wish is fulfilled, create the feeling that you would feel if this dream were happening today right now and this simple process fused with persistent faith, will become your experience. I’ve simplified it here in a paragraph, but in Neville Goddard’s “Feeling Is The Secret” he explains in detail how to turn a short imaginary “scene” into a real-life manifestation.

The Creative Power of Your Consciousness

“All you can possibly need or desire is already yours. you need no help to give it to you; it is yours now. Call your desires into being by imagining and feeling your wish fulfilled” – NEVILLE GODDARD

Remember this; you are a divine being imbued with the only creative power in the universe, the power of imagination. If you are only able to have faith in this statement then you will discover a power that not only makes you feel alive but enables you to create experiences that will absolutely thrill you!

Your imagination is non-linear, outside of space-time and the limitations of the physical spectrum. It’s where miracles and feats of amazement are first born. It’s where your passion or dream currently exists, right now! All it needs is for your consciousness to fuse with this state and with faith it will become your reality. This truth cannot be understood logically and no amount of argument written here can convince you, it’s only by putting to the test this power that you will be persuaded.

The Creative Power of Your Consciousness

So many people are focusing on the risk of change and find themselves becoming emotionally motivated to play it safe but I’m trying to remind you of the life-transforming power that you already possess!

“You were born with potential. You were born with goodness and trust. You were born with ideas and dreams. You were born with greatness. You were born with wings. You are not meant for crawling, so don’t. You have wings. Learn to use them and fly” – RUMI

Just imagine being able to live out your passion, change future events, improve relationships experience financial experience abundance, and much more by harnessing a power that was always available to you. Thousands of people in our community are discovering this every day. What are you waiting for?

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