Remove that Mountain in Your Life

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Remove that Mountain in Your Life

Remove that Mountain in Your Life

“When you make the two one….when you say mountain move away it will move away” Book of Thomas Ver106

Anybody can flourish during the best times in life, but the real trick is to make the best of the worst times. If you look at successful people in life, you might find something very interesting; they all made their own breaks. They often began their “successful life” when something had gone wrong for them, they never thought about being victims. Instead they used adversity as a springboard for change and reinvention. So, if your facing a challenging time right now, this may well be that pivotal moment.

Like my friend Terrence, when he was 52 his wife left him with 3 kids and no money. He did not let it defeat him, rather than playing the victim and feeling bitter. He started his very own delivery company and became very successful. He chose to occupy the state of a successful business man, rather than that of a victim. So, what does one do if you’re facing a seemingly impossible mountain?

Let’s explore some salient points and get you on that trajectory to success.

Take Back Control of The Situation

“May I tell you: you have the power within you to create anything! Let people be what they want to be while you set goals for yourself. It doesn’t matter what has happened in your life or what the evidence of your senses tells you, the power of the-universe is in you.” Neville Goddard

Victim consciousness transforms to creative consciousness as soon as we accept full unreserved responsibility for the way we think act and feel, regardless of circumstances. There are two ways for us to behave: we can choose to be consciously creative, or we can act like a victim. If you ever see yourself as a victim, then you’ll never get a meaningful grip on your life. Decisions will not be carried out to a conclusion; you’ll always be someone’s doormat. Something will always be stopping you from achieving your goal and this will always be someone else’s fault.

Creative behavior comes from a sense of personal responsibility; there is no one to blame. Your goal is to overcome whatever is standing between you and your dreams. So, step out and take your rightful place at the centre of your life. Know that within you lies the creative power of the universe, your wonderful human imagination. Once you fully accept you have this power within and embrace it fully, only then are you on the way to removing that mountain!

It’s All in The Mind

“When you see through the illusion, you are the solution. ” David Icke

To the un-awakened the above quote may seem absurd, but I’m assuming that if your reading this article you have some curiosity about the power of your mind, I’d like to remind you of one thing: all things exist in consciousness and if something appears insurmountable or standing in the way of your desire its only because you believe it so. It’s only a “smallness”‘ in consciousness that makes it appear such a big challenge. Once you are able to grow in your awareness, where you truly believe that you are your desire, that you are the solution to your problem, then this so-called mountain will literally vanish. If your consciousness is constantly creating your world then the mountain cannot exist in a world where you “believe “you are your solution. The first principle of universal law: everything is. mental, it all first began in the mind.

“Objective reality is solely produced through imagining.” Neville Goddard

All obstacles are in truth illusions, we are hypnotized and deluded by these reflections of our own consciousness believing in their realness. The old ego self tries to hammer out the problem (that it created in the first place by the way) and only after we’re exhausted with vain attempts to remove it by action, then we have the light bulb epiphany: “if all problems start in my consciousness, then it’s there I must go to seek the solution”

I once heard this saying I can’t quite recall where it was, but it went something like this: “with every obstacle lies the key to a next level of awareness”. I’d probably adapt that slightly and say: with every unwanted situation in my life, its another opportunity to raise my awareness above it.

I like to remind you that in imagination you can easily enter into the state of the wish fulfilled, you can imagine a solution to any problem that exists. If you activate that state and have supreme confidence, serenity and poise, you will see it externalized in your world.

Remove that Mountain in Your Life

Like most things in life it’s easier said than done, but in my own personal experience the more I practiced the more I put this concept to the test the easier it became’. I have become accustomed now to turn to my imagination for a solution whenever I find myself in an undesired state. If I’m faithful and patient my imagination never fails.

I earnestly encourage you to do this too. Exercise your imagination in these circumstances and your growth and confidence in this principle is assured. You’ll see whatever is unwanted in your life vanish as you focus on “being” the solution. Here’s a quote I often refer back to in challenging times. I find it extremely helpful when I’m behind the 8 ball as to speak.

“If you persist as others have persisted, you will see the falling away of a fear or compulsion. It will fall away like an arrow in the midst of light because you no longer give it wings to fly” Unknown

Embrace your True Identity

“l tell you, you are all imagination and not a prisoner of anything or anyone, rather you have imprisoned yourself. You have brought all your experiences into being and you can change them now you know who you are” Neville Goddard

What if I told you if you could remember who you really are, nothing would worry you, not even the prospect of dying! Your concept of yourself is everything you believe to be true about yourself. Your beliefs about yourself has up until now been creating your life experiences, your reality. Its also the sole creative cause of the obstacle that you may be facing right now.

You may up until this time identified yourself with your ego. Well its time to change the belief you may have held about who you really are. You are far more powerful than you think you know. The years of cultural programming and conditioning must be challenged. The transformation is often presumed to be a difficult undertaking but before you become discouraged remember; its your decision to change that creates the potential of change within you.

Superman costume

There’s a plane of existence that you can opt to live at, wherein you can, if you are willing to change your concept of yourself as an ordinary being, find yourself fulfilling any and all wishes that you have for yourself- Wayne Dyer Wishes Fulfilled

You can have, do or be anything you desire when you discover our true self, you’ll realize that nothing is beyond you. Don’t try and achieve things through external means, trying to hammer out a solution, it will often elude you, also it’s not the way this cosmic law operates. I have experienced miracles in my life by learning to trust my inner being, that is my true identity. Who am l? I am all imagination which is the only creative power in the world.

The early initiates taught us “As within, so without”

It may seem too simple that all I need do is imagine a solution to my problem, to a point of inner conviction, then this inner transformation in its own time will manifest into my outer world. But hey who said it had to be complicated? It’s a law as real as the Law of Gravity; transforming your inner state of being will compel this state to be externalized, so focus on changing how you feel.

Without experience it will be impossible to convince you, but I have had so many occurrences where things have manifested with zero effort on my part, when I fully surrendered to the process. I can only encourage you to try, you will not be disappointed.

Time to Act

“We must practice what we have heard, for without practice the most profound understanding in the world will not produce the desired results. Test your imagination it will not fail you”. Neville Goddard

So, let’s say you acknowledge that you are the architect of your fortunes, you unconditionally accept that your imagination is creating your reality. You want to overcome that massive obstacle that’s in the path of your desire.

You read you study, you know what to do there’s nothing stopping you, then you hear that little voice of worry or that quiet whisper that’s saying “you better not do that because it might not work” or “if you do this you will look like a fool” any of this sound familiar? If it does, I can empathize because I went through the same challenges in those early days and months. This was the old ego self-looking to protect its “reputation”. It wasn’t until my coach told me this, he said: “Michael practise what you’ve learned, assume you are the man you want to be and act in spite of doubt, act in spite of worry, act in spite of inconvenience, act in spite of uncertainty you must act in spite of anything.”

Someone looking watch

I remember these words so clearly. He also said unlike intellectual mastery which can be gained by study and revision, spiritual mastery can only be achieved through experience, by putting into practice what you have learned, you have to experience this process to grow he said

“Each time I behaved as if was already the man I wanted to be I slowly became self-persuaded until eventually I was convinced and then in due time, it just manifested.”

So, let that be my closing thought, don’t just read and study about this, to overcome any adversity it starts with a change within yourself. Over at the Truecosmic Academy, there are tonnes of books, online lectures, zoom classes and courses designed with one common goal: to help you discover your true identity. When you do, you’ll be able to conquer the so-called mountains that your facing. Head over there now and join the thousands of people that are experiencing miracles right now! Click the link below and Make Miracles Manifest.

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