This Simple Manifestation Hack Won Her $25,000 On The Lottery!

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This Simple Manifestation Hack Won Her $25,000 On The Lottery!

The realm of Neville Goddard’s revision technique is rich with inspiring stories of individuals who have harnessed the mystics teachings to transform their desires into tangible realities. These stories serve as beacons of hope, demonstrating the remarkable potential of conscious creation and offering valuable insights into the manifestation process. As we explore these stories of successful manifestations, we gain a deeper understanding of the principles at play and draw inspiration for our own journey.

Revision Leads to Lottery Win

Revision Leads to Lottery Win

One such story involves Rachel Bertapelle , a woman joined the Neville Goddard Mystics Teachings group in 2021.  After enrolling as a student at the Truecosimic Academy she determined to take the first important step and attend the Back To The Future Workshop hosted by Fazila Bizior .

Fazilla’s course was a great journey that help me understand things better. I’m really thankful for the clear lessons. The course was well organised and easy to follow. I revised that night to win the lottery. The next day my husband bought a lottery ticket and we won 25,000 euros. This course didn’t just help me learn, it helped me change my life in a big way ” Rachel Bertapelle

Despite initial challenges and doubts, Rachel decided to immerse herself in the revision concept. after committing to join the workshop, She immediately practiced revising winning the lottery and feeling the wish fulfilled. Her rapid manifestation days later was a testament to her willingness to put theory into practice.

We all hear about manifestation and conscious creation but often were not sure if these stories will really work for us. However Rachel dared to step out of her comfort zone and rapid success was her reward. Want to hear this amazing story in her own words then watch the video below as she talks about her fantastic literary win!.

Time For Change Is Now

The greatest habit we have to break is the habit of being ourselves. We have 65,000- 70,000 thoughts a day and 90% are the same as the day before. Now if you believe that your thoughts have something to do with your destiny then your going to have to change the way that you think.

The brain is a record of the past, its an artefact of everything we have done, learnt and experienced to this moment. Most people wake up in the morning and think about their problems and their problems are memories etched in their brains. The moment you start thinking about your problems your living in the undesirable past.

If your thinking the same way, your life is going to stay the same. same thoughts lead to the same choices/ same choices lead same behaviours. Same behaviours lead to the same experiences. Same experiences produce the same feelings and same emotions. Same feelings and same emotions drive our same thoughts. It’s the perpetual cycle of living in the unwanted past. Revision allows us to break free of the limiting memories we hold in our minds. effectively we are able to erase these memories , rewrite the script, and create new” memories” that are more aligned with desired outcomes.

Spectator or Participant

Revision isn’t just about positive thinking; it’s a transformative process that involves reliving past events in your mind, but with a new, positive or desired outcome. This mental act can shift your consciousness and change your reality. Imagine turning those moments of regret into opportunities for success, or those instances of self-doubt into affirmations of your capabilities. By revising our day before going to sleep, we can wake up to a world that responds to our altered state – to a life more in tune with our aspirations.

Have you ever wished you could rewrite the past? Well, Neville Goddard’s Revision Technique suggests you might just be able to shape your future by reimagining your history! It’s a radical approach that claims our reflections can literally transform our reality. It’s proved successful for countless people, Rachel being one of them. The big question is this : Are you open to new concepts that expand your horizons?

Making Revision A Way Of Life Workbook

Time To Write Your Own Testimony

Time To Write Your Own Testimony

All of us have within us wonderful testimonies that have yet to be told. The very next time you are faced with a testing situation or need to overcome something significant, embrace the moment and see it as an opportunity to create your own inspirational story. If you haven’t yet dived into the amazing revision concept, the challenge may just be the necessary impetus you need to try something radical.

Think about it: did you ever hear a testimony that wasn’t about someone overcoming obstacles and growing in self awareness? We may find ourselves in a dire financial situation , we may encounter rifts in our family or the doctor may call with a disturbing diagnosis, whatever the situation, it is an extremely powerful moment . Why? Because if despite the perceived peril you are able to exercise the power of revision , when you overcome and get through the test you too will have a powerful testimony to the divine potential that you have always possessed. Your wonderful imagination.


When I first heard about Rachel’s amazing story I was instantly motivated to investigate more about Neville Goddard’s revision technique, and how I could better implement this daily practice into my own life. While these stories of successful manifestations inspire and offer insights, it’s important to remember that each journey is unique. The key lies in first being willing to take steps outside of your comfort zone and then adapting Neville’s teachings to your personal circumstances and maintaining unwavering commitment. These stories serve as testimonials to the limitless potential within each of us, emphasising that through conscious intention, revision and persistent practice, we can shape our realities and cultivate a life we all aspire to experience.

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