The Meta Secret of Imagination

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The Meta Secret of Imagination:

What is meta? Meta represents what you can’t see with your physical eyes, you have to see with the eye of understanding. Meta represents what’s beyond the physical, meta is the world of imagination. Its common knowledge that 99% of this world has been programmed to make the outer world control the inner world. However, if you want to get what you want and manifest your desires you must let the inside world control the outside, that is what the meta secret of imagination is all about.

When we talk about the metaphysical we are talking beyond the physical, but to access this realm we must go within, inside. Sadly, the pervasive conditioning of mankind is to let the external dictate their inner state of being. If we are going to get into the meta side of our existence we have to get away from this physical instrument and move into the higher side of our personalities.

Frequently the great mystic Neville Goddard would end his lectures by saying “let’s go into the silence”. This was precisely what he was instructing us to do, to acquaint ourselves with the meta side of our existence. When you start to understand that we live simultaneously on multiple planes of understanding. Spiritual and physical and that everything in creation works from a higher to a lower potential, then you’re are learning to untap your creative power.

“If we work with electricity, an electrician or engineer will tell you, that you have to work from a higher to a lower potential. If you don’t, you work contrary you won’t get any effective use out of it. And so, it is with the mind, you don’t work with the physical which is the lower potential and try to work up. You work with the thought first and work down.” Bob Proctor

Its understanding that everything physical first existed in a higher potential and knowledge of this meta secret is the key to mastering your own life. You must recognize that the meta-aspect of ourselves is where our infinite potential lies.

What Can This Meta Secret Give You?

“Within your magical inner realm is the capacity to have all your wishes fulfilled. Here in your imagination lies the greatest power you will ever know.” WAYNE DYER

Ever been inspired by a story of someone, despite overwhelming odds and adversity they have the courage and fortitude to achieve great things with their life? Or maybe an amazing story of someone experiencing a miracle cure despite a terminal diagnosis. Or how about a love story where the hero finally finds love after successfully working with the laws of metaphysics. These amazing stories can all be realized by you too, they can be your own truth when you understand the meta secrets of imagination.

What Can This Meta Secret Give You?

In each of those stories the heroes were able to transform desires, thoughts and intentions that first had a meta existence into 3D reality. They lived from the inside out. Consciously or unconsciously they untapped the secret of transforming their imaginal activity into reality. Being a part of this community means you’ve expressed a keenness to explore and learn about the meta-aspect of you. You have shown a willingness to discover its secrets and more importantly how to apply it successfully in your own life.

Now, as part of my spiritual journey like you I’m constantly expanding and learning to trust this higher aspect of myself that is unseen by the human eye. In the metaphysical world of imagination all our desires already exist, its only through applying the secret methods and practices can we learn how to bring these desires into our 3D experience. The entire universe is governed by these cosmic laws and learning how they operate can reward you with all the things you wish to have.

Clinica de Coaching Gratuita

It’s All About the Feeling Baby!

So, I’ve spoken about the metaphysical and how all things exist in this higher potential. I’ve also said that, closing out all sensory input (Going into The Silence) is how we access this meta world, but how does one bring this imaginary act, this nonphysical entity into this 3D world, we call reality. Well thankfully the ancient mystics gave us specific instructions about these laws. The law of expression; the law by which the invisible is made visible.

In his famous metaphysical classic “Feeling Is the SecretNeville Goddard summarizes the process like this:

####### (Insert excerpt instructions from book explaining in details that the meta secret is having the feeling

Putting the Meta Secret of Imagining to The Test

Now I’ve written practically hundreds of articles advocating conscious imagining. I’ve included a number of personal testimonies all with one intention in mind, to stir you to act. Myself and the other coaches could go into minute detail as to how to operate these laws works and constantly explain how to apply them. However, the only way you advance is through your own experience. Taking practical steps is the only way to ascend.

I’ll always encourage you to investigate as much as you can because the intellectual mind has a firm grip on what we determine to be possible or not. But at some stage you must, instead of dipping your toe in the pool: dive in as they say; you must surrender.

Let me tell you something you didn’t know about yourself. It was for this purpose you were born, for this purpose you agreed to come down to earth and have this experience; to discover the meta secret of imagining. In his famous book Freedom for All Neville has terrific instructions on how to apply this concept. If you haven’t done so already you can download a free copy here!

Putting the Meta Secret of Imagining to The Test

Now, nothing will ever happen if you just sit around and wish for it. I believe the personal development industry does people a disservice by pretending that results are effortless. Okay let me rephrase that: once you master the process it becomes effortless but first you have to clear all the junk. Now, what do I mean by junk you may ask? I mean all the negative conditioning, self-sabotaging beliefs and misplaced loyalty to your five senses, that has been robbing you all your life. Once you learn to no longer acquiesce your power to your ego and instead embrace your real identity which is divine, only then does it become easy.

What does take time, commitment and practice is training ourselves to do this. Practice conscious imaging and more importantly, surrendering and trusting the process. You may have been prompted to investigate metaphysics because you’re looking for an alternative solution to a problem or challenge you may be facing right now. Often the greatest challenges in life are a necessary springboard for us to change it’s often a reason why so many look elsewhere for solutions.

So instead face this new challenge in your life with a new perspective. See the problem or challenge as an opportunity to put this meta secret of imagining to the test, see it as a chance for your awareness to grow.

“The promise is definite that if you are shameless your impudence in assuming that you already have that which your senses deny, it shall be given unto you — your desire shall be attained.” Neville Goddard

There are few that easily surrender to this concept and rapidly advance, in my own case my ego was so big let’s just say it took an enormous life event for me to embrace and practice the meta secret of imagining. As I said earlier, great adversity is often the catalyst for big change so if your new to all this have a little patience.

Most people that want to master this principle don’t have the persistence to do it for a day, let alone weeks, months or years it takes to manifest some important goals. But I’ll make this promise to you: if you persist and really embrace the concept, the meta secret of imaging, then anything even your most coveted desires can be yours.


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