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Chances are if you happened upon this blog currently, you may not be satisfied with the trajectory your life is taking. It could be frustrations with your career, relationships, finance or health; one thing common with most truth seekers, is that they’re looking for a breakthrough or seeking a solution to an unwanted situation in their life. The desire for change is often the impetuous to investigate alternative ways to transform one’s life.

In my own case having reached a crisis point in my life, I just knew that there had to be an easier, more effective way to navigate through life’s journey. Some-how utilising my mind to achieve desired outcomes resonated with something deep in the core of my being. Having painstakingly searched for solution to my happiness, in all external places such as people, places and things I finally realised there was one place left unexplored. It was the place I was most afraid to look within my own consciousness.


Neville Goddard, a luminary in the realm of consciousness and self-improvement, offers profound teachings that can revolutionise the way we can improve our lives and change our fortunes. One of the pillars of his concepts is this: “the human imagination is the God of scripture,” He goes on to claim this: it is this power, otherwise known as “Christ within”, which is the salvation to each and every one of us. This interpretation of Jesus Christ, he goes on to posit provides man’s only saviour to any challenge, the magical door through which we must all pass to be rescued from any undesirable state.

For centuries philosophers, mystics and prophets have all alluded to this creative power using interchangeable terms such a Universes, Source, Higher self, Subconscious Mind etc. They all propose that man is a creative being, and his true power lies within the realms of his own consciousness, but I would assert none before or after having given us a practical blueprint to manifesting mastery quite like Neville Goddard. Assuming you are familiar with the fundamentals of Neville teachings in today’s article we will explore 7 steps that you can apply and immediately begin a transformative journey towards self-discovery and empowerment.


To achieve it you must first believe it! To have an inner conviction that all things are possible, to manifest the intents of your mind, there is no amount of reading or study that create this belief. Assuming you have at least a cursory knowledge of the Law of Assumption, then getting practical is the only way to truly transform your mindset and break through your limiting beliefs. When faced with that situation that scares the crap out of you or if you’re trying to acquire that thing you’ve desired for so long; are you going to daydream about it or are you going to actually put these principles to the test? I speak from experience here, because if you exercise faith in your own imagination during these testing situations, then that’s when the real-life changing transformation begins.

I see it all the time online, people that are able to quote verbatim excerpts from Neville Goddard’s works, they conceptually understand all the fundamentals, yet on closer inspection of their lives you see they aren’t applying it. Effectively they’re just walking talking librarians living out a life in frustration.

In the past whenever I was faced with a crisis, my ego would literally try to hammer out a solution. With moderate success I might add. I was limited, because if ever I was faced with a challenge that my reasoning mind could not resolve or at least conceive a way out, then I just gave up.

That was until I discovered the marvellous concept, “The Law of Assumption” and more importantly, began to apply it in my own life. Your Imagination has limitless potential and only by becoming a practitioner and not a theorist. will you become aware and benefit from its power.

“But I urge you practice, practice and continue to practice for you are moving into a world where all is imagination, and you will create at will.” NEVILLE GODDARD


It’s something I often like to remind our tribe members about. Never procrastinate due to a fear of failure. After proper study and understanding, eventually one has to take the brave step of facing challenges, fortified with a new approach. Develop a habit of trusting your imagination and you’ll become courageous in all aspects of life. Let nothing scare or intimidate you, because within you, at your simple behest resides an omnipotent power, one that creates and animates all. Know that your ego self is keenly aware of its limitations and tends to limit your pursuits to within a comfort zone. Ultimately all that this can lead to, is a life of mediocrity and unfulfilled dreams. But as you begin to awaken the greater aspect of who you really are, always remember your efforts don’ rest on the shoulders of your little ego self. You are relying of the only creative power there is. Yes, the human imagination synonymous with the God in scripture has no limitation. With such an ally you can confidently develop a fearless approach to all life’ challenges.

“You do not have to limit the power of your belief to what your reasonable mind dictates. The choice and limitations are entirely up to you and all things exist in the human imagination.” Neville Goddard

The ancient seers taught us that, nothing is impossible to a” man” who believes. The fear of failure is often based on the erroneous belief that success rests solely on “our” abilities. This is the constraints of rational thought and because the false self is aware of its inadequacies; that is why there exists a fear of failure in the first place. Sometimes we have to be totally honest about what we really want in life and why we haven’t pursued it yet. Often it takes a pivotal life event like losing a job, recovering from a serious illness or perhaps a breakup of marriage for one to think hard and deeply about what is most important to us and then determine to go about achieving it. Understanding that all fear is psychological and can be overcome with a simple trust in a higher aspect of ourselves will hopefully incentivise you to stop procrastinating, put push past your fears and commit to achieve those goals that have alluded you for so long.


What if you go for that big goal and it apparently doesn’t work out for you the first time? Maybe you’re trying to manifest that new job and months later, your still stuck in the same old financial rut. What then? In reality, there’s no failure in life, if we able to learn from the experience and then try to improve the next time. Each time I have failed in any endeavour, I try to view the temporary setback as a reminder of where I’m headed and more importantly, I try to learn from the valuable insights that the experience provides.

“But strangely enough it may not be severe, but I will pass through certain trials, certain heartbreaks, certain delays that I can’t quite understand, but these when I reach the end and the end comes suddenly upon me and my wish is fulfilled, I will see it was all in order, everything was in order ” Neville Goddard.

So, welcome your “mistakes and failures”, even the ones you feel gutted about, because you know when your making mistakes, you’re actually improving in your craft. Investigate your setbacks, and always remember as your making “errors” you’re actually moving closer to your vision. Trust me, there is no benefit in ever giving yourself a hard time. Too much recrimination and self-criticism only puts you into a viscous negative cycle and can put you in a very unproductive state.

Instead, tune out the inner critic and try to cultivate a more empowering inner dialogue. Trust in your higher self is an attitude that must be cultivated. Remember what you, the ego might perceive as failure may be a necessary delay in your “bridge of incidents”. As you take time to examine what you can learn from the experience, be kind to yourself and set off again. In this way you “fail forwards”. this particular shift in your mindset is extremely empowering, because its means you are never making mistakes, just growing and learning how to ignore triggers and remain in the state.

I feel this is very important for those who are fairly new to these concepts. You see learning to consciously create the life you deserve is an ever-expanding journey as you begin to get to grips with the concepts you bound to experience frustrations. It’s like learning to ride a bicycle, your certain to fall off and get the odd bruise or grazed knee. But you get back on the bike and continue peddling you eventually master the art of riding a bike. And just so it is, after each setback as you get back up, climb back on and keep “pedalling” you’ll eventually succeed. You only fail if you give up.



” Take a scene any scene in the world which would imply that you are the one you would want to be, I don’t care what you want to be take a scene. when you look at it if it implies that you are the man you want to be, who is looking at it? God is looking at it! GOD is your own human imagination, and all things are possible to God. Will you now remain faithful and keep that vision in time of trouble or will you be diverted and turn to something that is not God? ” Neville Goddard

One thing I noticed; it was with the apparent “big” things in life that I seemed to struggle to manifest, and not the little in consequential stuff. Sure, if it was getting a phone call from an old friend or getting a car park ticket cancelled, that was easy to imagine and as I never gave it second thought and because I never entertained any fears or worry about the outcome, these seeds planted in my consciousness would invariably always naturally unfold.

Also, if I was imagining something for someone else, the ability to detach myself from outcomes was a lot easier as I wasn’t directly connected to the situation. But I can recall when attempting to manifest things that were personal and had a high emotional tariff, well that was a different matter altogether, I found it hard to let go and trusting the process was a real challenge at first.

So, what did I do? Simply put, I was only able to improve by repeatedly confronting these big challenges and repeatedly trusting this principle. When I properly engage in the process, imagining and watching my thoughts throughout the subsequent days I found it easier to purge myself of worry and fear. I learnt this by practising daily and “failing forward” The idea that some obstacles are bigger than others are an illusion because challenges that appear to be “big” are only reflecting back to us a “smallness” in our consciousness. We overcome by expanding our awareness and tearing down the limits that we place upon our own self. After all, is it not God the only creative power in the universe that is imagining these desires? And what is impossible to God? Nothing!

I’d like to remind you that the same process used to manifest a thimble, is identical to manifesting a million pounds, this omnipotent power makes no distinction between the two. They are brought into objectivity in exactly the same way, imagination, time and faith. So, if there is ever a failure, it’s always a lack of faith or patience of the operant that is the cause. I’ve since learnt to no-longer shirk from the so-called big challenges in life. Why, because ultimately as I confront them and eventually overcome, I know my consciousness has irreversibly expanded. This is the invaluable wisdom and benefits one gains form experience.



Everyone has days when they feel like quitting, falling back and returning to the psychological state called “Egypt”, but I want you to make a commitment to bring all your dreams to reality. Yes, right now, make a silent vow that changing your consciousness is your chosen means to transform your life, and no matter how hard it gets, how many times you slip up, you’ll just keep going. This simple shift in your mindset, creates a whole new level of intention. You see once you begin to embrace and continuously practice the art of imagining, your efficacy will increase. No worthwhile endeavour in life was ever achieved without commitment.

“You either believe it or you don’t. So, I tell you imagine exactly what you want in this world… If you give up, alright give up. But I tell you don’t give up! Die first, be willing to die rather than give up and then you’ll experience the 107th Psalm. For Christ must experience scripture. Do you want Christ to awaken in you? Well then don’t give up.” NEVILLE GODDARD

My own story of commitment

Let me tell you a little about my own personal journey. In the early days as I began to embrace these new concepts, from those closest to me I experienced the most resistance Often as I faced challenges, my family and close friends doubted my sanity “you’re going to imagine WHAT! Michael are you crazy?”. And certainly, there were times I felt alone, confused and even questioned my own state of mind! Mystical concepts are not popular and certainly not for the faint hearted. It takes an enormous amount of courage to abandon a modality of problem solving we’ve used for most of our lives, for something that’s so radical and illogical. Simply imagining and having faith takes a deep conviction, that has to be patiently cultivated. However, I can assure you from personal experience the rewards are astounding!

Just like the Hebrews in the allegory of Exodus, I stumbled and had setbacks, however, intuitively knew I was on the right path. So, despite my early disappointments I pressed on, I persevered and in doing so it eventually paid enormous dividends. I have had failures in the past and but also, I have had many successes. Learning to trust in your imagination is a never-ending process and as I often say, we are all a work in progress, Occasional setbacks and doubts is all part of the process of self-mastery. But staying committed is a key component of any worthwhile endeavour.



It’s one of the most challenging aspects that students talk about, “How can I remain in a desired state when my 3D world is telling me the total opposite? ” Now; I’ll remind you again faith in the imaginal act is what liberates you from any undesirable state, so what exactly happens when we are triggered and what can we do about it?

You see after we intensely imagine, instantly as we return to normal waking consciousness we are challenged to resist our sensual stimuli. Our senses tell us a totally contrasting story contrary to what we want., but psychologically what is really going on here? Its actually an internal battle. Two aspects of ourselves are in direct conflict. Ego vs God self and it’s about learning to trust in the higher of the two and like most things mentioned here, this trust needs to be nurtured.

Remember you can at any moment in time practise how you wish to feel. Your imagination is s how you transform your inner state of being. So, here’s a practical tip you can use if ever you feel like your outer reflection is becoming overwhelming. It something you can do at anytime of the day:

Find a quiet spot where you will not be disturbed for 5 to 10 minutes.

Close your eyes and take three deep breaths. Breath in deep and feel the energy flowing all over your body. Feel good feelings and sensations as you inhale.

Breathe out slowly, and with each exhalation feel yourself becoming more and more relaxed.

After taking three deep breaths, proceed to imagine your wish fulfilled. Remember as you do so feel its actually happening now, not in the future.

When you have done this say to yourself “it is done “. repeating this affirmation loudly over and over in your mind three times. This positive affirmation is all about remind yourself of the feeling of satisfaction.

This process I adopted from an excellent book called ” It Is Done ” by Richard Dotts which I highly recommend, especially if you find it challenging dealing with external triggers. He goes into greater detail about the “It Is Done” technique which I have just touched on here, outlining different scenarios that bring about anxiety and how it can be overcome. It’s an excellent book you can add to your manifesting toolbox.

Remember you need no permission at all to change the way you feel. You can at any time of the day imagine your wish were fulfilled and simulate how it would feel. But like everything here that we talked about, the more you practice the more proficient you become. It doesn’t require that one has a mystical awakening or achieve a transcendental level of consciousness to operate these concepts, efficacy comes only by repetition.

Your mood or dominate feeling must be in accordance with your imaginal act and by doing so the vision will become your experience. Neville said that “Feeling is the Secret ” to successful manifesting and a simple acceptance that sensual feedback is not important but rather the mood is the only the truth we need know.


Simply put the only way to keep improving in any worthwhile endeavour is to become disciplined. There’s a very wise saying: ” the longest distance between two points is a shortcut. If you desire to grow in a particular area of life, figure out what it will really take, including the price then determine to pay it. Progress and growth doesn’t happen by osmosis, they demand discipline. There is no easy way to become a disciplined person. The reason last year’s winner was this year’s runner -up is because one was willing to go the extra mile when it came to discipline and practise, and the other wasn’t. Anyone who does what he or she must do only when they’re in the mood or when it’s convenient will get left behind. Improvement comes through a committed approach to whatever you’re undertaking and that includes your self-development. A disciplined person doesn’t make or except excuses; they eliminate excuses.

“Almost all our faults are more pardonable than the methods we think up to hide them” Francois de La Rochefoucauld.

Often, I try to remind enthusiasts that consistent practise is the most important thing one can do and I always encourage them to develop a regular daily routine and be accountable if they slip up. If you adopt a casual approach to your practise, then this will be reflected in your results. Ask yourself are you really committed to cracking this manifesting conundrum? Are you making the necessary sacrifices to really get the desired results? Inconsistency and lack of routine are habits of failure. If you have several reasons why you can’t be disciplined, realise they’re just a bunch of excuses all of which need to be challenged if you want to succeed. A lifetime of erroneous thinking and limiting beliefs will not be overcome with a lukewarm approach, you must be intense about what you’re doing If your serious about engineering a life of your dreams.

“I have to put myself on a diet a mental diet and then I will bear the fruits of that diet. ” Neville Goddard I Am The True Vine .


Our consciousness plays a fundamental role in shaping our reality Learning to effectively exercise one’s imagination is not something you tick of your to-do list it’s a skill you develop, a lifelong practise.
We live in a generation of fast living and instant gratification where quitting is so easy. Instant downloads, stream on demand and fast track delivery, in general modern society promote a “have it now” attitude and if an idea or concept doesn’t fit that model, it’s quickly abandoned. We have foreboded the wisdom gained in practice, patience and going through a process. Remember a lifetime of rational conditioning will not be transformed overnight so it important to be intensely committed to your journey of transformation.

We never standstill in this journey and as our experiences and challenges change so do the insights and wisdom we gain; I recommend regularly coming back to the exercises and tips mentioned not just in this article but over at our Truecosmic Academy. Continue to invest in your own personal development. and as your confidence grows, you’ll begin to uncover a fantastic new world of opportunities.

The Inner Awakening Cercle


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