Life Coaching Services a Must Have for Success

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So, what attracts people to life coaches? Why has there been a sudden boom is the popularity of life Coaching services. For some they feel their life is so out of kilter. Others may feel “time poor” with the imbalance of work life. Some feel they don’t have enough time to do the things they enjoy. Another reason people are drawn to life coaches is they may be going through a big change in their relationship, family, money and health all of which can have destabilizing effects creating fears and anxieties. There are even those who just need help in stepping up to another level in their goal and aspirations.

Engaging with a life coach can help someone discover their true selves, provide them with tools to move forward and support them through the transition.

So, What’s The Difference Between a Life Coach and A Spiritual Life Coach?

All the above reasons are why you would seek out a life coach and an imagination coach as I prefer to call them. Both can provide you with the solutions, however the tools, techniques and processes employed by an imagination coach focus on enhancing one’s consciousness and creative imagination.

Now it can be easy to trivialize imagination, I mean in western culture we have been taught to believe that our imagination is tantamount today dreaming or fanciful thinking. However, when you truly embrace the concept that the human imagination, your consciousness is the sole creative source of objective reality, the subject of the human imagination has far more gravitas.

Ancient texts such as the bible when interpreted as psychological instructions rather than historical text, you’ll understand that they equate the human imagination to a divine power, that we all possess. When you work with a competent imagination coach you’ll be taught how to cultivate and develop a healthy consciousness that can literally create the life of your dreams!

“You can’t solve a problem with the same consciousness that created it”  Albert Einstein

Through the use of imagination, you can move into any paradigm or state of that will give you the solution to your dilemma. For more information check out the article on states of consciousness it will give you some further insight into this concept.

Who Needs A Life Coach?

Many people have misconstrued the role of a life coach. They think it’s like a form of counseling or therapy. An opportunity to sit on a couch and offload all your problems. Certainly, a life coach will listen in a non-judge mental way and all discussions are in the strictest confidence, but that is where the similarities end.

Your life coach will never reinforce or allow you to indulge in victim hood, in fact they encourage the opposite. The solutions to your problems must always start with an acceptance of responsibility and a change of self. It is here where a life coach will begin their focus with the mentee.

A spiritual life coach’s main objective is to assist the client in realizing their higher self and not the ego. A good coach will encourage you to trust this aspect of yourself, who is infinite in its power and resourcefulness. When you truly understand how the universe works, and the role you play in your everyday experience, you’ll come to realize how truly magnificent you are. Internalizing this concept and viewing life from this new empowering perspective is the key to the transforming to the best version of you.

It’s A Relationship Dedicated to You

A life coach is more of a partnership than anything else. It’s a support system geared towards one purpose, improving the quality of life, it’s a time that you intentionally invest in improving your health, wealth and happiness. Like the saying goes ” it takes two to tango”, so it is for this relationship to get the best results. The coachee has to be honest, the coach on the other hand has to make the client feel relaxed and comfortable enough to be themselves without judgment. It’s at this point positive changes can start.

Life Coaching Services a Must Have for Success

What Makes A Good Coach?

Experience is paramount, a coach who has many hours of coaching people is a massive advantage. Even better if the coach has experienced positive lasting transformation in their own life due to the influence of having a coach themselves. Open heartedness and authenticity are two qualities that build trust.

I’ve always thought that a life coach should be one who walks the talk. I personally have a disdain for hypocrites and believe that when it comes to teaching life skills, the coach should certainly be applying the same techniques in their own lives. In fact, I can’t think of a better endorsement.

Empathy is so important, so the more life experience the coach has the more they can understand the need of their client. Good coaches are vibrant, healthy, and good to be around.

As mentioned before they may specialize in certain areas for example sporting, parenting skills, wellbeing and of course imagination coaches. Those who have benefited from personal success in their specialist areas are generally more passionate and enthusiastic and better equipped to help you achieve the same results.

What Techniques Do Life Coaches Use?

As mentioned before lived experience will certainly provide your coach with techniques and some dependent on their specialty will have specific training methods. Now because we are discussing spiritual life coaches their skillset is geared at expanding the consciousness of the client.

Neville Goddard in his numerous accounts mentioned many training exercises that his mentor Abdullah taught him to train his imaginative faculties. Revision, State Akin To Sleep, Imaginative Prayer and the lullaby method are just a few to mention.

I can testify from experience that when you correctly apply these methods, you realize how a creative consciousness can transform your life.

Finding the Right Coach For You

Personal recommendation I always believe is the best way to hire a coach. If you know someone who you’ve seen successfully improve their lives after engaging with a life coach this normally a good endorsement.

However, if you’re starting from scratch then where do you go for the best Life coaching services. Searching online is a fantastic place, however a spiritualist life coach is a specialist niche. Sourcing an imagination coach for example I would recommend joining an online Neville Goddard community or Facebook group. Forum sites such as Reddit are another good place to source these specialist coaches.

Also remember when searching for specific life coaching services only join online communities that are active with a decent amount of members (Few thousand). Seek out the coaches in these communities and line up at least three to chat to online or even in person. A good coach would be happy to do this, as they will also want to assess whether you would be the right fit for them; remember it’s a two- way relationship. the initial meeting with the coach is usually free and it will also give you a good opportunity to assess their personality and style.

If your currently considering using a coach, then check out the life coaching services over at the Truecosmic Academy. We have a panel of excellent spiritual life coaches. We have some of the world’s best imagination coaches who specialise in using techniques and processes popularised by Neville Goddard himself.

Can Life Coaching Services Be Done Online

During the pandemic companies had to adapt their business practices. In response to lockdown restrictions zoom meetings and online services saw an explosion in popularity. It also heralded the latest trend in online life coaches. In this post pandemic era it appears that zoom services especially in coaching and online training are continuing to rise in popularity. I can personally testify to their effectiveness as years ago before the popularity of zoom etc I use to have my online coaching on skype.

Life Coach Services a Must Have for Success

Not only is this far more convenient for the coach and coachee to have sessions online, because you don’t have to leave home (believe I’ve tried both) but as much more businesses are now providing online services this cheaper more cost-efficient way of doing business means better prices for the client. Which lead us on nicely to the next most popular question.

How Much Is An Online Life Coach?

I’ve talked a lot about where to search out the best coaches and what the best online sites for life coach services are but what about the cost? What can I expect to pay for an online life coach?

Well, they generally charge by the hour, and this can be anything from $75 – $500 dependent upon their experience. Some of the more established coaches may also provide coaching packages which is a way that you can get some excellent discounts. Its seldom that a single session would be effective enough for lasting permanent change. So maybe after you’ve tried a single session with a coach and feel to continue, probably getting a package deal with the coach would be a better option.

Getting a personal life coach is probably the best step you can make towards your personal growth. As Truecosmic Academy specialises is spiritual life coaches if that’s the coaching you require then I highly recommend you check them out. Each coach has a wealth of experience, tonnes of coaching hours under their belts and loads of positive testimonies can be seen over at the site. Truecosmic Academy

Life Coaching Services a Must Have for Success


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