Live in the End a Lesson from My 9-Year-Old Son

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To correctly Live in the End we are instructed to completely abandon ourselves to the fulfilled desire. We should have a complete inner transformation of how we feel. One should be in a state of joy and expectation rather than longing and desire. This is the inner state of conviction one must have to manifest our desires.

In his book “Prayer the Art of BelievingNeville Goddard taught to correctly pray in a metaphysical sense, when we make our request for successful praying one must believe that our request has been granted. So simple and direct, yet this simple process so many find difficult to apply.

What My Youngest Son Taught Me

Recently there was a situation with my youngest son that I was taught how to effectively apply this method.

It was about two weeks before his birthday when my son approached me and said “Dad, can I get an Xbox and the Minecraft game for my birthday please?”

I thought about it for a few seconds trying to calculate the cost, LOL! Then I replied “yeah sure, but that will be a joint gift from me and your mum”

A big gleaming smile broke out on his face, he ran over gave me a massive hug and screamed “thanks”.

Now from that moment on he couldn’t contain himself. In expectation of his new toy the following day he packed away his old PlayStation. He even began to re-arrange the furniture in his bedroom. “When I get my Xbox, I want to play it in that corner of the room” he exclaimed as he shuffled his Lego box under the window.

Live in the End a Lesson from My 9-Year-Old Son

Noticeably from the moment I had agreed to give him the Xbox, he never once agonised how he was going to get it, he never questioned me again if I was sure he would receive it. He was in a state of 100% conviction and expectation. Did my son lose any sleep between the day I made him the promise and his birthday worrying about the outcome, absolutely not!

I pondered for a while and thought about the powerful lessons that this little episode in my life could teach me about manifesting my desires. An ancient instruction tells us that we must “become as a little child if you are to enter the kingdom”

What is the hidden instruction here. Isn’t this joyful expectant state that my son was expressing what we as adults are trying to achieve when we apply the Law of Assumption. We sit here chant affirmations, create vision boards, listen to guided meditations and practice visualisations not realising that all these ceremonies and rituals have one aim. To transform our inner state of being for the subconscious to have acceptance of the thing desired.

Instead we self-sabotage. We have sleepless nights agonizing over what, when, how, and who. Our reasoning logic can’t think of a way out, and so doubts ensues and in doing so kills the process. The ego self has difficulty in letting go, its nature is to be in control. However, we are continuously told that to successfully operate this law of consciousness we must surrender to a higher form of intelligence, spiritual intelligence. This is a bridge too far for many.

Notice in my own story, my son didn’t have the answers either, but he exhibited complete faith in his father (Me) and from the moment I said yes never doubted. And for the record he did get his Xbox for his birthday.

Live in the End By Robert Meade

It can be difficult when we have been schooled from birth to trust logic and reason to solve problems. But what happens when we face obstacles challenges that our rational thought process cannot solve. Do we just resign to defeat, say to ourselves that this challenge is beyond us?

Time to Try Something New

An old Chinese proverb goes: “if you continue in the direction you’re going, you’ll eventually get to where your headed” If we are to win in the battle with our challenges we may need a radical change.

Most people who discover the power of their imagination at first are always sceptical. We have been conditioned especially in western culture that we cannot achieve any thing without hard work and graft. They dismiss the idea that asking and believing that we shall receive is all we need to do. “Surely there’s more to it than that they say.” And off they go overcomplicating what was always just a simple process of asking and receiving.

Time to Try Something New

Most of you may be new to the skill of conscious imagining. The crazy thing is that unconsciously you have been doing it all your life. Suddenly your discovering that all you need do is imagine a state and surrender to the belief that it is yours it’s the acceptance of this that often takes time. This is where practice comes in. Only when you’ve experienced success in its application will you be persuaded.

It’s All Part of Your Journey

The whole process I’ve found is a continuous journey an expansion in consciousness. I want you to develop trust, trust like my son demonstrated in the story at the beginning. Understand that your purpose here is to learn.

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