Redefining Self: Neville Goddard’s Influence on Self-Concept and Manifestation

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Redefining Self Neville Goddard's Influence on Self-Concept and Manifestation

In the labyrinth of personal development, the concept of self plays a central role, influencing every facet of our lives. The moment we shift the way we think about ourselves and our circumstances, both we and those circumstances will begin to change. The great mystic Neville Goddard, presents a transformative perspective on self-concept, providing a roadmap to manifest our deepest desires. Let’s delve into Neville’s teachings, exploring how they can reshape our identity and reveal truths about who we are at the very core of our being.

Understanding Self-Concept

“O Lord , thou art our father, we are the clay ; and thou art our ; we are all the work of thy hand”

Self-concept, the intricate body of beliefs and perceptions woven into the fabric of our identity, dictates our thoughts, actions, and the realities we create. Neville Goddard invites us to reconsider this self-concept, challenging the notion that it is a fixed entity. According to Neville, our self-concept is malleable like potter’s clay, capable of transformation through intentional thought and imagination. This ability to redefine our identity means by deliberate intention, we can become whomsoever we so choose. In our efforts to experience the life we desire, we can embody this experience when we first redefine our self-concepts, All we need know is that the concepts we hold of self directly influence every aspect in our life. This is a foundational principle of Neville’s teachings. Just like the mystic before him who emphasised the importance of an inner transformation as a means to redesign our lives.

The Power of “I AM”

“Believe, feel that I AM; know that this knowing one within you, your awareness of being, is God” NEVILLE GODDARD Your Faith Is Your Fortune

The Bible interpreted psychologically reveal that Moses and the prophets revealed to us the identity and nature of God And so we see at the heart of ‘s Neville’s teachings lie the potent phrase “I AM.” These two words, when consciously utilized, become a declaration of your own divine self. Affirmations using “I AM” statements are not merely words, its declaration of the name of God, who according to Neville is your true unfiltered identity. At the very core of your being, you are unconditioned consciousness that resurrects life to whatever is attached to its name. This is God.

Affirm “I AM healthy” and you will manifest health, affirm “I AM wealthy” and unconditioned consciousness proceeds to manifests wealth. The creative power of man’s awareness or I AM ness which lies at the core of our being is the foundation upon which all other conceptions are expressed. This is how Neville beautifully expresses this point:

Manifesting Health

Manifesting Health

“you are now conscious of being, so you are actually saying to yourself, without words, “I AM.” Now, if it is a state of health that you are desirous of attaining, before you have any evidence of health in your world, you begin to feel yourself healthy. And the very second the feeling “i AM healthy” is attained the two have agreed.

That is, I AM and health have agreed to be one and this agreement ever results in the birth of a child which is the thing agreed upon, in this case health” NEVILLE GODDARD AT YOUR COMMAND

Your concept of self-precedes all manifestations, what you attached to your I AM ness (your awareness of being ) This power of awareness shape and mold the essence of our self-concept. It is the creative power you possess within. This awareness of being, “i AM The freedom to redefine who we are, by first changing our concepts of self is precisely how consciousness “God” creates. By affirming positive attributes, we redefine our self-concept, moving from limitations to boundless possibilities.

Reshaping Through Imagination

The Role of Imagination

Now according to the above excerpt, the very second the feeling ” I am healthy” is attained, a union between consciousness and the thing desire has taken place and this the creative act of all manifestations. But just how to we create that magical feeling? Neville advocates for the transformative power of imagination in reshaping self-concept. He contends that the images we hold in our mind influence our beliefs about ourselves. Visualization, a technique he ardently supports, involves mentally embodying the ideal self.

This intentional act of imagination is not escapism; rather, it is a deliberate process by which we able to mold our self-concept in alignment with our desired reality.

Your imaginal activity never ceases throughout the day, the creative power I AM imagining is at work, left untrained, it may not necessarily create favourable experiences. Which is why time and time again Neville instructs us of the importance of watching our imaginal activity throughout the day.

Assumption as the Catalyst

Rest in the assumption that you are already what you want to be, for, in that determined assumption you and your Infinite Being are merged in creative unity, and with your Infinite Being (God) all things are possible. God never fails. NEVILLE GODDARD

Central to mystic’s philosophy is the concept of assumption. It involves assuming the feeling of the wish fulfilled, living as if our desires have already been realized. When applied to self-concept, assumption becomes a catalyst for profound change. By assuming the attributes of the ideal self, we trigger a shift in our inner dialogue and beliefs, aligning them with the envisioned reality.

Neville goes on to say that “a persistent assumption hardens into fact ” Having already established that our consciousness forms the building blocks of our material experience, then we can see why a sustained assumption of already being our ideal, will be eventually reflected back to us in our 3d world. Life being the quintessential mirror, has no choice but to out picture the assumptions of our minds.

Assuming a New Identity

“There is nothing to change but our concept of self. As soon as we succeed in transforming self, our world will dissolve and reshape itself in harmony with that which our changes affirms” Neville Goddard

Assumption, as Goddard teaches, is not only about assuming the feeling but also the identity of the desired self. By adopting the characteristics, qualities, and mindset of the ideal self, we actively participate in the construction of a new self-concept. As we frequently occupy this new state of being, this deliberate shift becomes the new mold upon which we build the reality we desire. Neville called these “states of consciousness” eternal states. That we all have the ability to occupy if we so choose.

Shedding the Old, Embracing the New

Letting Go of Limitations

” I say ye are gods, sons of the most high, yet ye shall die like men o princes”

Who are you really? Goddard’s teachings implore us to shed the old layers of self, the labels and limitations accumulated over time. These labels have been built up from trusted sources such as parents, media, religion, teachers, peers etc. The process involves a conscious decision to release the past identity and embrace a new more empowering self-concept. We are cosmic beings having a human experience. That being said, much of our limiting beliefs are bound up in the identity we hold of our little ego self.

This act of letting go of our ego identity is not a denial of our history is this particular life experience, but rather a bold assertion and realisation that we are so much more,. You and I form the one I AM, we are all God, the Elohim, individualised and are here for a divine purpose, to create and experience. Can you embrace this new history of yourself that predates your existence here. This expanded perception throws a whole new light on who you really are and more importantly what you are r capable of. As memory returns, so we begin to realise just how powerful we are. As we realise we have the ability to redesign our self-concept and change our life, suddenly we are thrust in to the driving seat of our experience.

The Art of Manifestation

Thoughts as Seeds

Goddard’s teachings on manifesting desires are intrinsically linked to the transformed self-concept. He contends that our thoughts are seeds, planting the blueprint of our reality in the fertile soil of the mind. A positive self-concept becomes the catalyst for manifesting desires, as our beliefs shape the outcomes we experience.

Alignment of Beliefs and Desires

The process of manifestation, according to Goddard, involves aligning our beliefs with our desires. A harmonious self-concept supports this alignment, eliminating inner conflicts and doubts. When our self-concept is congruent with our aspirations, manifestation becomes a natural extension of our authentic self.

An Inspiring Success Story


Nothing is more inspiring than to hear a great testimonial of someone who successfully refined their self-concepts and transformed their life. Hearing about a personal triumph and victory against the odds not only motivates us in our own spiritual endeavours but upon hearing such feats we naturally feel, “that if they can overcome and triumph, then so can ii”. It’s the power of a testimony.

“Once trapped in a cycle of self-doubt and financial insecurity, Cheryl Andrisani dared to redefine her reality. Embarking on a transformative journey, she discovered the power of changing your self-concept. As Cheryl’s self-concept transformed, so did her life. She attracted opportunities that led her to financial abundance, achieving the status of a self-made millionaire. Her personal relationships flourished, replaced with love, support, and deep connection. Cheryl’s story is a testament to the transformative power of self-concept refinement.” Refine and Design


In the realm of self-discovery and manifestation, Neville Goddard’s teachings serve as a beacon, illuminating the path to a redefined self-concept and the realization of our deepest desires. As we consciously engage with the power of our “I AM ness,” we become the architects of our identity. Our self-concept evolves from a seed in our consciousness, imagination, and assumption, static portrait into a dynamic masterpiece, capable of manifesting the rich tapestry of our aspirations. Through Goddard’s lens, we discover that the canvas of self is not preordained but a state of consciousness where the brushstrokes of intentional thought can create a life of unparalleled beauty and fulfilment.




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