Live in the End a Lesson from My 9-Year-Old Son

To correctly Live in the End we are instructed to completely abandon ourselves to the fulfilled desire. We should have a complete inner transformation of how we feel. One should be in a state of joy and expectation rather than longing and desire. This is the inner...

Neville Goddard : How to Pray and Get What You Want

It's evident that Neville Goddard's methods and teachings do not conform with orthodox religion. Who he identifies as God and the method which he taught how to communicate with the Divine would surprise many. In fact, the method which Neville Goddard taught how to...

Seeing isn’t Believing Believing is Seeing

Is it possible to believe to see? I'm sure if you're like me you've probably heard the saying "seeing is believing". It’s something we are taught by parents, schoolteachers and peers as a child. From infancy you've been victim to cultured programming which has...

Remove that Mountain in Your Life

"When you make the two one....when you say mountain move away it will move away" Book of Thomas Ver106 Anybody can flourish during the best times in life, but the real trick is to make the best of the worst times. If you look at successful people in life, you might...

Learn to play with your Imagination Like a Child

Imagine this: You sit there visualizing the most wonderful scene. In Your imagination you're blissfully enjoying the successful completion of a venture, you can actually feel what it’s like to experience your desire. The warm, happy sensation courses through your...

Spiritual Awakening Journey Leaving You a Little Confused Read This!

The Spiritual Awakening journey can sometimes be a little lonely and confusing. As you begin to "remember' your true identity sharing your experience with family and friends can be quite daunting. I know I've tried! It's been said before that one symptom of a...

Each Moment is a State of Consciousness in which YOU as GOD Assumed to be True

To anyone who has heard of Neville they are well aware of “state of consciousness.”  If someone asked you what “state of consciousness” means, would you be able to tell them?  From Neville’s Lecture “Three Propositions” from 1954 we can find his definition.  It goes...

Las Diez Mejores Conferencias De Neville Goddard Que Debes Leer

Las Diez Mejores Conferencias De Neville Goddard Que Debes Leer Puedes seas nuevo a las enseñanzas Neville Goddard o tal vez has oído hablar antes de él, pero no estás muy seguro de qué puedes empezar a leer para aprender sobre sus conceptos. Aunque existe una inmensa...

How Visualization Can Help You Achieve Your Health Goals

How Visualization Can Help You Achieve Your Health Goals We all have the best intentions when it comes to staying healthy and fit. We make resolutions to lose weight, work out regularly, and make healthier eating choices. But let's face it. Health goals are the...

Los 11 mejores libros de Neville Goddard

Los 11 mejores libros de Neville Goddard que debes leer: La Interpretación de las Escrituras que hace Neville Goddard es realmente esclarecedora. Sus 11 libros proporcionan lecciones invaluables en el arte de la manifestación consciente, motivo por el que sus libros...

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Neville Teachings

How Doubting Can Cost You So Much

How Doubting Yourself Can Block That Manifestation The Law of Assumption works consciously or unconsciously as imagination is always in action. All of us are capable of achieving any desire and doing good in the world. Whether we know it or not we are also capable...

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Neville Teachings

How To Prove Imagination Creates Reality

Does Imagination Create Reality? Supposing tonight before you go off to sleep, as you lie down in your bed relaxing your mind, you began to imagine you were holding a green ball in your hand. And as you continued imagining holding this ball in your hand you drifted...

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Neville Teachings

How To Strengthen Your Imagination

How To Strengthen Your Imagination? In this article, I would like to share with you a very simple and easy way to practice your imaginal acts and strengthen your faith, and a proven method for getting the result you want with your Specific Person. We will be...

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How To Strengthen Your Imagination
Neville Teachings

Imagine Your Way to Greater Success

Imagine Your Way to Greater Success All you can possibly need or desire is already yours. Call your desires into being by imagining and feeling your wish fulfilled.” Neville Goddard Success means something different to each and every person. But the common...

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